These Gloriously Gooey TikTok Hacks and Recipes Will Elevate Your Grilled Cheese Game

Bianca Piazza - Author

Apr. 11 2022, Published 12:03 p.m. ET

There's an unofficial holiday for everything these days, and we're not mad at it. Whether it be National Empanada Day or National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (yes, really), we have nothing against formally appreciating the little things in life. April 12, 2022, is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day — aka a day to celebrate ungodly amounts of bread, butter, and cheese. We are not thinking about our arteries today, folks.

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In honor of this glorious day (and honestly every other day — why limit yourself?), we present you with a list of god-tier grilled cheese hacks and recipes from TikTok. Those crafty TikTok creators (if we're talking cheese, they're Krafty) mean business when it comes to grilled cheese, and the innovation is downright scrumptious. From efficient — aka lazy — cooking techniques to the inclusion of fruit, there are several ways to commemorate this blessed day.

This pan-flipping hack is perfect for the notorious mess-making grilled cheese chef.

Our only qualm with this one is that things can get real messy, real quick. Created by TikTok user @donnabonnana (technically by her husband), this easy hack is for those who find that their grilled cheese falls apart upon the dreaded moment it's time to flip it. While flipping the pan instead is certainly brilliant, just be sure your skillet isn't filled with crumbs or dripping in butter. Let's just say the late Julia Child's stove would be covered in melted butter if she attempted this hack.

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It turns out your air fryer is the key to making the perfect grilled cheese with ease.

From French fries to veggies, the mystical air fryer effortlessly makes your meals crispy and crunchy, minus the grease. It does so by "circulating hot air around the food." Genius TikTok user @babychrismom figured she'd use hers to quickly whip herself up a grilled cheese, butter and all. This is evolution, friends.

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Disney's famed grilled cheese recipe gets a spicy, witchy twist.

When Disney released its recipe for its Toy Story Land grilled cheese, all hell broke loose. With loads of cream cheese, heavy cream, and garlic mayo, Disney Parks's take on grilled cheese does not give a flying fairy wand about your arteries. TikTok user @theogkitchenwitch (oh how we adore that name) puts her spin on the viral recipe, adding hot honey and pepper flakes for some sweetness and an extra kick.

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This absolutely unhinged sweet 'n savory grilled cheese recipe "looks bad, tastes good."

TikTok user and Ariana Grande lookalike @edenvonweiss, unfortunately, doesn't clarify where she got the recipe from, but we sure are glad she shared it. It intrigues us that Eden Weiss starts by spreading Dijon mustard on her bread; we're skeptical, but definitely intrigued. With caramelized onions and apples galore, this recipe is for the somewhat-adventurous foodies of the world.

Tieghan Gerard of Half-Baked Harvest has a similar recipe that looks equally as mouth-watering.

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Because a regular ol' grilled cheese sandwich is for squares. These cylindrical grilled cheese dippers are revolutionary.

Sometimes, it's better not to try and reinvent the wheel. Other times, it's just pure fun. Though the grilled cheese we know and worship has been around since the 1920s, TikTok user @fitwaffle — aka British social media influencer and cookbook author Eloise Head — thought it needed a revamp. Flatten the bread and roll up these adorable grilled cheese dippers that beg for a hearty side of tomato bisque.

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"Garlic bread grilled cheese for the win." You had us at "garlic."

Made with delicious homemade garlic butter — which includes fresh minced garlic, chopped basil, and red pepper flakes — TikTok user @mxriyum is here to show us how it's done. Calling it "the best grilled cheese you'll ever make," Mariam uses both mild and extra sharp cheddar in her recipe. Not only that, but she also spreads mayo on her bread. It's a stunning concoction of flavors in our humble opinion.

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