Grimes and Azealia Banks Reignited Their Beef From 2018 — We Have All the Details

Rapper Azealia Banks and Singer Grimes used to want to work together, but that didn't work out thanks to an ongoing beef between them. Details.

Kori Williams - Author

Jul. 26 2021, Published 1:03 p.m. ET

In drama you probably did not expect, we have singer Grimes in one corner and rapper Azealia Banks in the other. The two have had some issues for a while and it's gotten so serious between them that, along with some shade thrown, a whole song has been written about it.

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But what happened between the two of them to start the drama in the first place? This drama between them is actually from years ago. Believe it our not, pre-pandemic beef is still prevalent in 2021.

Azealia Banks
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What is the beef between Grimes and Azealia Banks?

It turns out this whole thing started back in 2018. Grimes has been in a relationship with Tesla billionaire Elon Musk for a few years, and in 2018, Azealia temporarily stayed at his house. Vox reports that the two artists were supposed to collaborate on Azealia's second album. The rapper arrived in July to Musk's house to work with Grimes.

But then things get a little messy. In an Instagram story, Azealia revealed that she had been in Elon's house waiting for Grimes for days. "I waited around all weekend while Grimes coddled her boyfriend for being too stupid to know not to go on Twitter on acid,” Banks said.

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Azealia had a whole lot more to say about Elon too. In her Instagram story, she came after his appearance, claimed that he was on drugs, and said he only brought Grimes to the Met Gala to show off in front of his ex, Amber Heard. All of this has been denied by a Tesla spokesperson who said the claims were "complete nonsense."

Now, Grimes has released a song about the drama with Azealia.

Even though years have passed, Grimes is still dealing with the feelings she had about almost working with Azealia. In July 2021, she released a few new songs at the Australian virtual reality festival Splendour XR. One song, called "100 Percent Tragedy," is about her experience with the rapper.

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On Discord, Grimes explained that the song is "about having to defeat Azealia Banks when she tried to destroy my life." Azealia responded, writing in an Instagram story, "Grimes def has some psychosexual obsession with me."

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"I think it’s bitterness cuz she doesn’t have the musical capacity I have," she continued. "Everything she does is out of pretentiousness and it comes out like that … while everything I do is out of natural swag and geniusness lmaoo.” She added, "Starting to notice all the weird undercover millennial racists hide out on Discord."

"100 Percent Tragedy" is just one song that Grimes introduced to the world, but she also premiered songs called "Shinigami Eyes," "Love Is a Drug From God," "Utopia," and "Player of Games." Some of these have been teased on her social media previously, but they're all said to be on her upcoming album, which she says is a space opera about a lesbian A.I.

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