"No One Else Is Laughing Besides Him": A Groom's Embarrassing Vows Go Viral

Jamie Lerner - Author

Dec. 29 2023, Published 1:12 p.m. ET

For everyone who’s struggling with their love lives, the light at the end of the tunnel is that sometimes, it’s far better to be single than to be stuck with an undeserving man. When TikToker and wedding videographer Samuel Foree shared a clip from a vows ceremony on TikTok, we couldn't contain our disgust.

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The groom, whose name turns out to be Cody, says the most embarrassing vows possible. We all thought men couldn’t share emotion, but Cody takes it to another level. And he does this on his wedding day of all days! Most men can at least pull it together to write some touching vows, but not Cody! And now, people think his new bride should divorce him.

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A groom gave some truly embarrassing vows at his wedding.

We thought the days of completely emotionally unavailable men were far behind us in the 1960s. And no, we don’t mean that they don’t exist; we just mean that women aren’t putting up with them and marrying them anymore. But apparently, that’s not the case for Kaitlin and Cody. On their wedding day, after Kaitlin delivered some beautiful vows, Cody’s response was so embarrassing, it’s not even laughable.

“I promise to smack that a-- every chance I get,” he says, laughing alone. “That’s all I got,” he continues. When the officiant gives Cody an out by asking, “Is that it?” Cody continues laughing and just says, “Yea.” This is honestly worse than when Ross said Rachel at his and Emily’s wedding in Friends!

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Cody’s vow is truly so cringe and embarrassing that it’s worse than a sitcom’s attempt at the most embarrassing wedding possible. In the background, we can even hear one of the wedding guests mumble, “Come on, Cody,” in disappointment, as no one laughs at his attempted joke. The joke isn’t the worst part, however! What’s worse is the fact that Cody didn’t even try.

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“Are you sure?” the officiant asks again. “I didn’t write nothin’ out,” Cody responds. “That’s what you’re going out with?” the officiant confirms. And Cody sets it in stone on his wedding day, “That’s what I’m going with. We’ve made it this long.” Making it that long isn’t an excuse not to prepare at least something to show his love for Kaitlin. All he does at this moment is embarrass his bride-to-be on what’s supposed to be the most beautiful day of their lives.

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Everyone on the internet thinks Kaitlin should have higher standards for Cody.

The embarrassing video has circulated throughout TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter for all the world to see, and almost everyone agrees that Kaitlin should divorce Cody. He’s clearly not ready to be a husband if he can’t even show a modicum of love on his wedding day. In fact, the full video, which was shared on Samuel’s Instagram, shows that Cody’s “full vows” are even worse.

He does say, “I love you,” in the most strained and giggly tone possible during the vows. He then adds, “I promise to frustrate you all the time. I promise never to listen to you,” and pretends that he was joking. That’s definitely not what I would want to hear on my wedding day.

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And while it’s not a big deal for an ex from high school to still be friends with the couple, it is strange that she introduces herself that way in her speech on their wedding day. As they all met in high school, it’s clear that their relationship may not have always been an easy path.

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People from all over the world are encouraging Kaitlin to raise her standards and dump Cody. “I’d become a runaway bride like immediately,” someone commented. Another said, “He basically said, ‘Well, I’ve treated her badly for this long. Why do better now?’ I would’ve walked right then and there.” Someone else wrote: "Notice how no one else is laughing besides him."

Perhaps Cody had a tough life and showing emotion isn’t his strong suit. We can be understanding. But do it for your bride, Cody! And if she accepts that behavior, we can’t imagine what else she allows him to get away with.

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