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Source: Instagram

Jaclyn Hill 2.0? Jeffree Star Apologizes to Customers Who Found Hairs in His Makeup Palettes


There's a lot of pressure for vloggers who release makeup lines to have perfect products since they themselves critique brands online. Jeffree Star is known for his reputable eponymous makeup line, and it's scored him millions upon millions of dollars in the past. 

But, some customers are now claiming that they found hairs in their eyeshadow palettes from the Shane Dawson X Jeffree Star collection— and perfectionist Jeffree is taking responsibility. 

After saying that Jaclyn Hill deserved a second chance for her highlighter collection just months after customers found hairs on her lipsticks, Jeffree is facing some of the same issues. 

Is there hair in Jeffree Star's makeup palette? We've got the scoop on the customer complaints, and how he addressed the problem.