Social Media Called out Influencers Halley and Jaz for Copying Each Other All the Time

Popular social media BFFs Halley and Jaz got called out for copying each other all the time. Halley responded to critics in a passionate rant!

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Sep. 12 2023, Published 12:05 p.m. ET

The Gist:

  • Internet-famous social media duo Halley and Jaz got called out by their followers.
  • Commenters in a Reddit thread accused Halley and Jaz of copying each other all the time.
  • Halley responded to critics in a passionate rant on TikTok and only made things worse.

The Real Housewives are cool and all, but there’s just as much — if not even more — piping hot tea among the girlies on social media.

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Combined, twenty-something-year-old NYC TikTok users Halley Kate and Jaz have a following of more than a million users. The pair is at the center of attention after some of their followers called them out for copying each other all the time. Halley responded to users in a video that only added fuel to the fire.

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Social media users called out NYC TikTokers Halley and Jaz for copying each other all the time.

Friends … how many of us have them? It’s a special thing when you meet the ying to your yang. That said, friends will always have their differences.

But not Halley and Jaz. Social media users argue that the two are pretty much the same person. This is especially true after they moved to new apartments at the same time, and got boyfriends at the same time, and purchased a second dog at the same time, and …

Now that you mention it, Halley and Jaz do share some similarities.

In late 2023, @babygoddess96 published a post in the NYC Influencer Snark subreddit that really got people talking.

The spectator wrote: “Halley and Jaz both got a second dog? Why?!”

They noted that Halley and Jaz already had little time to spend with their pets because they’re always on the go. They added: “I’m tired of influencers doing things just because they can.”

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In the comments, others agreed that Halley had only gotten another dog because Jaz did. Or vice versa.

“It’s getting weird. I’ve never seen two adult women follow each other this much,” one commenter said.

Another added: “Extreme codependency. They have to meet milestones at the same time. Boyfriends at the same time. Europe trips at the same time. Dogs at the same time. Considering moving to Tampa together?”

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TikToker Halley Kate responded to the drama — called critics “so weird”.

Apparently, Halley peeped the drama on Reddit. We know that because she posted her clapback shortly after the thread was started.

“I'm doing a quick rant because I have the f--king time today. So weird how mad people get about me and Jaz doing things at similar times,” Halley said in the video.

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She gave reasons as to why she and Jaz just so happened to be doing the same things all the time, but she was adamant that she didn’t have to explain herself.

“Moral of the story, I know I didn't need to explain anything but like I said, I had the time, and like things were just bothering me,” she added. “And yeah, I don't know. That's f--king explanation for that. If you are still bothered by it, I truly don't care.”

At the end of the day, coincidences happen! That many times, though? We’ll let you be the judge!

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