TikTok Influencer Ashley Elliott's Husband Drama Got Put on Blast Online

TikTok influencer Ashley Elliott has been facing husband drama involving a sex worker. What she would have preferred to stay private got put on blast.

Allison Hunt - Author

Sep. 7 2023, Published 10:36 p.m. ET

Just the Gist:

  • Ashley Elliott is popular TikTok influencer known for her hair gel videos.
  • Ashley has been facing drama due to information online about her husband and a sex worker.
  • Although Ashley intended to keep details about her marriage private, speculation online has put the drama on blast.
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Get ready you guys, because this latest TikTok drama is next level messy. And low key ... actually high key, we love mess. This one involves influencer Ashley Elliott, her husband, and a sex worker named, Shaela.

Ashley Elliott is has 14.9 million followers on TikTok and is known for her hair gel videos. But more recently, she has been known for her husband drama. And we promise you this tea is piping hot.

So without further ado, here is the Ashley Elliott husband drama explained.

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The Ashley Elliott husband drama explained.

In a TikTok video posted on Aug. 23, 2023, Ashley explains that she has been working since she was 16 years old and she never is going to stop.

She then describes a scenario where a woman meets a man who wants to take care of her and their family. The woman decides to stay at home and raise the kids. But then 20 years later, the man has found some one else and leaves them. The woman is left with no job, and alone.

Ashley describes this as a biggest fear, and says that she "wouldn't put nothing past no body."

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Naturally, this "scenario" caused her fans to wonder if this happened to her. Ashley posted a response video saying that the previous video didn't have to do with her, it was just something that was on her mind.

Despite her saying this, fans were quick to notice that the videos of her husband has been removed. Ashley cleared this up in a different video response saying that all the videos with her husband in them have been removed because he doesn't love being on social media, and no longer wanted "this lifestyle." He didn't like being an influencer. Ashley also said that she hadn't been wearing her wedding ring, and that she was going to keep that past private at the moment.

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Enter TikTok user @shaelalashae2x, a sex worker who basically outs herself as being the "other woman" in the Ashley's husband drama. Based on Shaela's video, she says that Ashley's husband reached out to her, and while they never met in person, they did communicate. Shaela explains that she doesn't think this "man wasn't being heard."

If it feels like this video was out of nowhere, then we are right there with her. Some of the comments say, "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT," and "This like that 1 passage that’s they give you on that reading exam that’s outta context and you gotta answer questions about it but ur so confused."

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Ashley addressed this on her page starting the video by saying that she planned to keep the details private. Ashley cleared up that she has never made a single post about a specific person, and as soon as she found out about Shaela, she blocked her on everything. Ashely did apologize to Shaela for her fans bullying her.

When you put yourself on TikTok, we definitely get an inside look at the lives of these creators, but Ashley's drama got blasted.

We hope that Ashley and her husband can sort out any issues in their marriage privately from now on.

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