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Source: Universal Pictures

30 People Share the Harshest Rejections They've Faced and They Are Rough


We all deal with rejection at some point in our lives. As a writer, I have pretty much become numb to rejection, at least in the professional realm. But even my cold, rejection-laden heart couldn't take some of these super harsh rejection stories. Comedian Eden Dranger started a Twitter thread asking people to share their hands-down worst rejection stories, and oh boy, people delivered. 

These cringe-worthy stories are guaranteed to make you want to crawl up in a ball. Many of these are romantic rejections, but there are some exceptionally terrible professional and personal rejections in there as well. 

The "sister" problem

Source: Twitter

What... What does that even mean? Either he's not attracted to her at all or he's really attracted to her and is super into incest. Either way, this reaction is not good!