30 People Share the Harshest Rejections They've Faced and They Are Rough

From bad breakups to horrible teacher comments, these are the worst rejections people have ever received.

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Nov. 11 2019, Updated 1:37 p.m. ET

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We all deal with rejection at some point in our lives. As a writer, I have pretty much become numb to rejection, at least in the professional realm. But even my cold, rejection-laden heart couldn't take some of these super harsh rejection stories. Comedian Eden Dranger started a Twitter thread asking people to share their hands-down worst rejection stories, and oh boy, people delivered. 

These cringe-worthy stories are guaranteed to make you want to crawl up in a ball. Many of these are romantic rejections, but there are some exceptionally terrible professional and personal rejections in there as well. 

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The "sister" problem

What... What does that even mean? Either he's not attracted to her at all or he's really attracted to her and is super into incest. Either way, this reaction is not good!

Kindergarten crush

Little kids are so mean. Literally the worst. Sharron followed up this tweet with one that explains that the dude ended up in jail, so it turns out she dodged a real bullet anyway. 

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"Star Wars" obsessed

There is so much going on here. First, don't send someone else to do your dirty work for you. What a coward. Second of all, it's seventh grade! Is there such a thing as talking about Star Wars too much? I think not!

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Not rich

Look, she was looking for something specific, and that specific thing was a guy with piles and piles of money. He might not be that guy, and that's OK. But she's not going to string him along like he has a chance, and I think that's very admirable.

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Special message

I am not going to lie. This one made me laugh very hard. But I couldn't even imagine the level of embarrassment if this was my teacher's special end-of-year message to me in seventh grade. I would be mortified

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"Go away!"

She was not there to be hit on by random dudes that night, so she just wasn't even going to entertain the effort. Respect. This woman is the Babe Ruth of rejecting guys. 

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Speed dating

That's a big ouch. You have to be thinking that there are 14 of them and one of you... someone is going to want to continue talking to you when the night is over. For that not to be the case... That's rough.

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Sigh of relief

Wow, this is harsh. What are you even supposed to say to respond to that? "Sure, great, glad I could help you out, jerk-face." 

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Nerd and popular girl

Am I crazy... or is this the plot of Grease? Summer lovin' man. It's the worst! The lesson here is never trust anyone unless they will date you during the school year.

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"Game night emergency"

When a story begins with  "a comedy writer from Tinder," you just know it's going to be a complete horror show. You would think a professional writer would be able to come up with an excuse more convincing than a "game night emergency." It's like he didn't even try.

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Rejection letter

I'm sure they didn't mean that she didn't even possess the talent to be considered among the pool of talented writers who were rejected, but that's sure how it sounds! They really should have had someone else proofread before they sent that out.

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One-night stand

Must have been strange to find out that that guy had no intention of calling her ever again while the night was still happening! If that happened to me, I'd go home, order myself a pizza, and count myself lucky to have dodged such a bullet.

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Kavanaugh protester

This story is truly heartbreaking. It must have totally sucked to find out your husband is a worthless coward in the same week Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court, but I bet, in time, she'll feel grateful that he showed his true colors.

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Random kiss

This is... so awkward. Like, I cannot handle it. I wish I was a turtle or a hermit crab so I had a shell I could crawl into to try to stop visualizing this story happen over and over and over again.

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Mom burn

Wow, burned by her own mother! What mom is like, "Oh, if you're talking about someone pretty, that couldn't possibly be my daughter"? So harsh!

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Halloween couple costume

She should have allowed this to happen and then dressed up herself as a giant red flag. That would have been priceless.

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Bought a house

Hmm. If you're engaged to someone, you probably shouldn't buy a house without telling them. How do you even hide a purchase like that? Do you just start moving things one by one until one day, your fiancée is like, "Hey, where's the couch?"

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Ping-pong partner

They were ping-pong partners and he didn't even know her name?! I'm sorry, but that is a trash person. She probably never called up anyone else to invite them to a Sadie Hawkins dance ever again after that experience.

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Coworker / mom

Ouch. What would possess a dude to say something like this? It's a weird thing to say about anyone, let alone someone who you were kind of flirting with. Dudes, just don't do this. 

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Radio host

Radio hosts never — I repeat, NEVER — look the way you expect them to, and you should always temper your expectations when you see them in person for the first time. That's not to say that they can't be attractive people! But no matter how hot they are, they're not going to look like you expect them to. 

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Why was the prospect of dinner such a hilarious and unthinkable one to this person? Wow, I had no idea how much damage those three little letters could do. 

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"Secret band"

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Jessica is way better off without this guy, his secret band, and his guitar-playing feet. He just sounds weird and terrible.

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Ah, there's always a Mark. If it's any consolation, I'm sure she totally regrets her decision and now hates Mark and wishes she never broke it off with Todd. 

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There is no one in the world crueler than a middle-school girl, let alone a whole group of them. This is way harsh and terrible but unfortunately nothing I haven't heard before. It's hard out there for girls. 

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The laugher

This is so mean! The problem is that I know what it's like to get the giggles in an inappropriate situation. Sometimes you can't help it. But this is just terrible.

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Why would you say this to the person you are talking to?! There's no reason to be cruel about it. You could just politely finish the date and then tell her you weren't interested in hanging out again. 

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As a Scattergories aficionado, I can't even explain how harsh this is. It's one of the best games! But now it's ruined for Kyle forever.

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harsh rejections

This is incredible! How she had her wits about her enough to come up with this on the spot, I have no idea. She followed up and said that they're married now but she and her friends still call her "Alone." 

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Slumber party

Exhibit B in the case for the worst people on the planet being middle-school girls. And the fact that the mom was in on it too! Just awful. 

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30th birthday

This guy should get an award for the worst timing, but honestly, I don't even want to give him an award at all. He doesn't deserve one. This is a terrible way to spend your 30th birthday. I hope things got better after that night.

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