'Beat Shazam' Is a Tough Game to Play — Only Three Teams Have Won So Far

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

May 23 2023, Updated 8:40 p.m. ET

Kelly Osbourne and Nick Cannon host 'Beat Shazam'
Source: FOX

Who doesn't love a game show? Whether it's sitting at home when you're sick from school dreaming of the day you'd get to be on The Price Is Right or watching Quiz Show and muttering to yourself you'd never do what John Turturro's character did (I mean, he got the "Marty" answer wrong, seriously?), it's a wonderful fantasy to imagine yourself being at a high enough level to attain not only 15 minutes of fame but also a huge cash prize.

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Beat Shazam is a popular game show. Has anyone ever won against the computer algorithm? In order to win, teams have to be faster that the computer algorithm. Very few teams have accomplished the feat. Keep reading for all the details.

Has anyone ever won 'Beat Shazam' hosted by Nick Cannon?

Yes! But it's a super rare occurrence. There are only three teams who have ever successfully toppled the song-recognizing algorithm in identifying a song.

Jamie Foxx and his daughter Corrine Foxx have stepped away from the show due to Jamie's health issues. In the meantime, Nick Cannon and Kelly Osbourne are going to be the host and DJ on Beat Shazam.

If you aren't familiar with the show, here's how it works. You must accurately identify a song before Shazam software can do so.

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Contestants Faye and Heather compete on 'Beat Shazam'
Source: FOX

The game increases with difficulty, and different teams are offered a series of four possible answers, with increasing cash prizes for each time they beat Shazam to naming the song. The team who gets the correct answer the fastest gets the cash prize, and if they tie another team, then they're both awarded the full amount of money.

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The goal is to constantly beat Shazam until you accrue a whopping million-dollar prize. There haven't been many people who were able to accomplish this feat, but on June 22, 2017, Christina Porcelli and Steve Lester officially became the first team to ever get that fat $1 million payout.

To see the enthusiasm in Jamie Foxx's eyes (he was the host at the time) during the team's unprecedented run in real time was truly special.

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The team was at an impasse. Do they accept the $197,000 that they had accrued and just walk away? They could, but they wouldn't get a shot at the million bucks. If they did decide to move forward and they got the answer wrong, they would have had that amount of money halved, leaving them with $98,500.

Jamie asked them if they wanted to beat Shazam or walk away, and Christina, without batting an eye, slaps her hands and says that she's going to beat Shazam. The crowd goes nuts and then the two proceed to test their mettle against Shazam, and it just so happens that the song was "Shout" by Tears for Fears.

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The second team to win Beat Shazam had their crowning moment occur on June 26, 2018, when Donna Natosi and Ryan Walton made $207,000 and were forced with the same conundrum: Walk away with nearly a quarter million dollars, or get a shot at the whole kit and caboodle.

They went all the way.

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The winning song? Well, if you lived in the Northeast and ever tuned into 106.7, then you'd know it instantly too: "Soak up the Sun" by Sheryl Crow.

Then on May 20, 2019, a Teacher's Special episode featured brothers Aaron and Martin Smith getting to the million-dollar song with $189,000 on the line. The song? "Found Out About You."

Their celebration was probably the best the show's ever seen, too. Be sure to tune into new episodes to see if any other teams manage to beat Shazam.

New episodes of Beat Shazam air on Fox on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. EST.

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