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Source: Courtesy of Travel Channel

We Don't Really Know If 'Haunted Towns' Is Fake, but We Do Like the Tennessee Wraith Chasers!


If nothing else, Haunted Towns certainly is entertaining. The hit Travel Channel show follows a group of paranormal investigators called the Tennessee Wraith Chasers all across the United States to investigate some of the country's most haunted towns. 

They call themselves "good ol' boys chasing ghosts" — but fans want to know more. Who are these supposed spirit hunters, and is Haunted Towns fake or the real deal? Here's everything you need to know about this spooky show and its stars. 

So, is Haunted Towns fake?

The places the Tennessee Wraith Chasers go have real history, and these ghost hunters do incorporate actual past events into every episode. They also use technology to detect paranormal activity, but since we've never really proven the existence of ghosts, this is tricky.

As TV Over Mind blogger Jennifer Boroma put it, "Whether that part of the show is fake or not is really difficult to state. It's going to depend on your existing beliefs on the paranormal."