Helicopters Have Come to 'Fortnite' — Here's Where You Can Find Them All

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Apr. 19 2021, Updated 3:59 p.m. ET

helicopter in fortnite
Source: Epic Games

When the latest Fortnite season opened up, there were plenty of gamers who went all over the map looking for helicopters. That ultimately proved to be a fool's errand because, even though the vehicles were teased, they weren't available at launch much to the chagrin of many players.

But Epic games rarely fails to deliver on a promise, and they ultimately brought the choppers into the game.

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Helicopters are here and you can find them now in 'Fortnite.'

The introduction of such a drastic gameplay dynamic needed to be tested, and it has huge implications for how players navigate the map, allowing you to traverse it in record time.

Unlike the game's motorboats, the helicopters aren't outfitted with weapons, so if you had high hopes of reigning down death from above, then you're going to be sorely disappointed. But at least you can still fly around the in-game world, which is still pretty darn cool.

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Here's the thing though: you can't get into a chopper and just fly around to your heart's content without any fear of getting gunned down. Players cannot jump out of the helicopters and they have a health bar of 1500 so if you find yourself in mid-flight when that health bar depletes, you're pretty much dead as a result. 

Here's where you can find the helicopters in 'Fortnite':

If you've been playing the game but can't seem to get your hands on a chopper, then take a gander at all of these different locations where the helicopters spawn.

Fortnite Insider has compiled a really handy guide where everyone can find the choppers fairly easily after putting in the time to scout out all the spots.

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  • The Shark - Upper left corner of the map around the scattered islands.
  • Holly Hedges - North of the location in the left-middle portion of the map, underneath Sweaty Sands.
  • Craggy Cliffs - East of the rock formation.
  • The Yacht - Upper right hand corner of the map.
  • Frenzy Farm - Just head East past across the water.
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  • The Grotto - Directly south of dirty docks.
  • The Agency - Southern part of the spot is where you'll find the helipad.
  • The Rig - East side.
  • Misty Meadows - Head north of the location and that's where the helicopter will be.
  • Pleasant Park - The soccer field.
  • Weather Station - Left side of the larger snow mountain.

Helicopters are the first new vehicles to come to the game in a very long time, and seem to be a response to longtime gamers' belly-aching that the map was too large for them to navigate quickly.

While there's a sizable demographic of gamers who were happy to have the choppers added, there were others who weren't too happy about it.

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In the game's defense, people are mostly hating on the choppers because they think they're using them as a means of distracting gamers from the fact that they aren't fixing other gripes they have with gameplay.

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fortnite insider helicopter map locations
Source: Fortnite Insider

What do you think of the helicopters in the game? Have you tried using them?

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