Here's What Happened to Hideaway Bar & Grill From 'Bar Rescue'

The Hideaway Bar and Grill became well known for the eighth season of "Bar Rescue," and here is the update of everything we know about how the bar is doing after the show.

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Aug. 29 2023, Published 1:33 p.m. ET

Jon Taffer, host of Bar Rescue
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Tucked away in the heart of Meridian, Idaho, The Hideaway Bar & Grill became well-known after a remarkable episode on Season 8 of Bar Rescue.

The much-talked-about episode, which was appropriately named "Hideaway From Reality," aired in March 2023, and had a lot of mixed reactions. However, the show was filmed a year earlier.

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In Season 8, Episode 26, viewers were able to take a front-row seat and watch as The Hideaway Bar and Grill embarked on its quest to revamp its brand and open up again to the public.

So, was host Jon Taffer successful in helping the restaurant bring in new customers and thrive? Keep reading to find out:

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First, who owns the Hideaway Bar & Grill?

Jon Taffer, a bar/nightclub consultant, with years of experience in the business, makes a visit to The Hideaway Bar & Grill to check out the location and figure out why it is on the brink.

The Hideaway Bar & Grill in Meridian has been open since 2012, and its owner, Dwayne Fulbright, started running the bar from a rented spot, but later on, bought land and decided to secure the business on his property.

For viewers of the Hideaway Bar Rescue episode, it was clear that that particular installment was brimming with intense moments, with a huge part of the tension revolving around the question of whether Dwayne had been struggling with drinking too much.

Although staff members agreed that he did, in fact, have a problem, they seemed to change their tune when Jon arrived.

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Source: Instagram/@barrescuetv

Apparently, all of the drama around the bar, coupled with Dwayne's lack of accountability around his alleged drinking problem, rubbed Jon the wrong way, and rather than stick around to renovate the bar, the television host abruptly left the location.

In fact, several reels making the rounds on social media showed that instead of helping to revamp the failing bar, he opted to walk out. According to reports, the host has done this to four other bars that he deemed were a lost cause.

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So, is Hideaway Bar & Grill still open? Owners shared an update to Facebook.

hideaway bar closed bar rescue
Source: Yelp

Exactly three and a half months after the episode aired, Hideaway Bar & Grill reportedly closed its doors. Owners of the bar took to Facebook to write:

"Thanks to all our wonderful customers over the years. The Hideaway has been sold. Our last day is July 30th so come by and say goodbye. It’s been 11 great years, but it’s time to hang up our hat and move on to retirement."

The restaurant business can be tricky, but we wonder if this closure had anything to do with Jon's decision not to revamp the Hideaway Boise Idaho location or give them tips and tricks of the trade that would amp up their chances of improving.

However, Hideaway is not alone. Nearly half the bars featured in the reality series end up closing their doors, per Bar Rescue Updates.

Where to watch 'Bar Rescue' today:

The first five seasons premiered on Spike Network in 2011 and ran for eight seasons, before coming to an end on the channel in August 2021.

The show moved over to streaming the same year, and the most recent seasons of Bar Rescue are on Paramount Network.

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