'High on Life' Has a Secret Ending That You Can View After Beating the Main Story

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Jan. 3 2023, Published 4:01 p.m. ET

A secret ending isn't just for the end of Marvel movies. For decades, video games have featured special secret endings or hidden pieces of content that players can view. Sometimes, they're as simple to find as beating the game and waiting until the credits roll. Other times, you'll have to fulfill certain requirements in order to unlock them. In certain games, a hidden message or scene can be discovered upon traveling throughout the game's world.

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Such is the case with High on Life, the latest title from Squanch Games, a studio founded by Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland. The game follows a human bounty hunter who is armed with a variety of talking alien weapons and is tasked with saving the world from an intergalactic drug cartel hellbent on conquering Earth.

At a certain point in High on Life, you can view a secret ending that hints at a sequel. Here's how to unlock it.

Spoiler alert! Major plot details for High on Life ahead!

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Here's how to unlock the 'High on Life' secret ending.

The secret ending to High on Life can only be viewed once you approach the ending of the main story. Some outlets report that you have to beat the game and watch the credits in order to access the main story. However, sources like IGN suggest that you simply have to beat the Nipulon Bounty — the second-to-last bounty of the game — in order to be able to view it. Either way, it's generally a good rule of thumb to have beaten the game in order to unlock the ending.

Once you've completed that, the secret ending will be available to you. Luckily, it's fairly easy to unlock. To start, simply head to the teleporter and return to Clugg's Office in Nova Sanctus. There, you can pick up a secret key card on Clugg's desk.

After obtaining this key, head to the Human Haven. Here, use your jet pack to jump toward each platform until you reach the top where you can unlock a secret room using the keycard.

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It is here that the secret ending can be viewed. Upon traveling inward, you run into a mysterious alien named Dr. Gurgula. He reveals that he is the one who initiated the attack that nearly wiped out all the Gatlians, the alien species used as weaponry in the game. He suggests that his work is far from over and that he has his sights set on Earth in order to learn the secrets of the universe by any means necessary. Before you can confront him, he teleports away to an unknown location.

Viewing the secret ending unlocks the "Sequel-Bait" achievement, named as a cheeky reference by the dev team who openly suggest that a sequel to High on Life is all but forthcoming. Depending on the Gatlian you have equipped at the time, they will also comment on the situation and will even directly mention in some way that their fight against Dr. Gurgula will have to wait until a sequel.

High on Life is now available on Xbox consoles and PC.

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