Get Ready, Spice Lords! Here's How to Apply for 'Hot Ones: The Game Show'

Do you love spicy food? Are you an expert at pop culture trivia? Here's how you can apply to appear on truTV's series new 'Hot Ones: The Game Show.'

Gabrielle Bernardini - Author

Apr. 27 2020, Updated 12:57 p.m. ET

hot ones game show
Source: YouTube/First We Feast

Things are about to heat up ...

This ultimate challenge mixes together two extremely intense obstacles: spicy wings and trivia questions. To capitalize on the popular YouTube series Hot Ones, which features host Sean Evans conducting interviews with celebrity guests while eating spicy wings, this delicious format is now coming to cable TV. 

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With Sean hosting the truTV series, Hot Ones: The Game Show, audiences will get to watch two teams make their way into the "Pepperdome" and face-off in the ultimate spice battle. Can these contestants handle answering pop culture trivia questions while consuming hot wings? 

hot ones game show
Source: truTV
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Medical personnel is on standby for 'Hot Ones: The Game Show.'

According to the show's bio: “Each week, two teams compete in a battle of gastrointestinal fortitude through three rounds of trivia while chowing down on blazing hot wings slathered in sauces so fiery, contestants start to lose control of their senses."

Because contestants will be putting their mouths and organs through the ringer with this intense wing challenge, the show also revealed that medical personnel is always on standby during filming. 

"With EMTs standing by, reactions range from tears, sweat, vomit and, in one case, a panic attack, as their mouths melt from the intense heat of the sauce," the series' description reads. Additionally, "After three rounds, the team with the most cash will enter the Ring of Fire, where they must work together to win the grand prize and the soothing milkshake antidote to their burning mouths.”

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If you and your partner make it to the end of the show after enduring the fiery wing challenge, you could possibly win $25,000. And, if the recent trailer is any indication for what's to come, this is going to be an extremely intense show.

"I don't know where I am or what just came out of my mouth," one contestant states in the trailer after consuming a wing and answering a question. 

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How to apply to be a contestant on 'Hot Ones: The Game Show.'

Think you can handle the wing inferno? Do you know another person who would like to take on this spicy challenge? You can now apply to be a contestant on the new game show. However, it's important to note that you must live or be near the Atlanta area. 

Click the link here.

 Catch the series premiere of Hot Ones: The Game Show on Feb. 18 on truTV. 

hot ones sauces season
Source: YouTube/First We Feast
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Sean Evans reveals the Season 11 'Hot Ones' sauce lineup.

Prepare to get saucy! The Hot Ones host announced on Jan. 16 the lineup of hot sauces that will be used in Season 11 of the popular YouTube interview series. You know, "the show with hot wings and even hotter questions." 

While fans of the show may be familiar with some of the names in the lineup of 10 sauces, Sean revealed that a few new flavors will be featured this season.

Here are the 10 hot sauces that celebrities will be chowing down on during their Hot Ones interview (going from the lowest on the Scoville scale to the spiciest): The Classic, Tamaulipeca, Fiji Fire, Scotch Bonnet Mustard, Los Calientes Rojo, Seed Ranch Hot Tide Green, Pepper North Stargazer, Da Bomb Beyond Insanity, Dingo Widow Maker, and The Last Dab XXX. 

Catch the Season 11 premiere of Hot Ones on Feb. 6 at 11 a.m. airing on the YouTube channel First We Feast.

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