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Hotel Housekeepers Reveal the Craziest Things They've Seen



If you've spent any time out in the world or on the internet lately — or really ever — you know that people can be so weird. And nothing makes people let loose more than a situation that they will leave in a few days and never return to. That's when they really let their crazy out. So people who work in hotels and casinos see some of the most bizarre aspects of human behavior. 

And thus, they have some of the juiciest stories on the planet. Someone asked the hotel and casino housekeepers of Reddit to share the strangest things they've seen, and hoo boy, what a thread. 

Housekeeper No. 2

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Heiddeggerian was a concierge at an upscale hotel when this incident occurred. A woman came down and explained that "her 5-year-old opened the door to their bathroom and there was a housekeeper pooping in there." The housekeeper and the little boy screamed so loudly that they'd already gotten multiple noise complaints from surrounding rooms. Terrible for that 5-year-old boy, hilarious for us. 


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When rigtek worked for a hotel chain in Colorado, they went to strip a bed one day and the whole bed was full of oranges. "The dresser: oranges. Side table, cans of mandarin oranges." That's so many oranges. What could someone possibly plan to do with that many oranges? Maybe they were an orange salesman? That would make sense if orange salesmen existed. But they don't. 

Beer and Cigarettes

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This one sounds like the case of an "artist" on a "retreat." Daddyhax was working in a hotel where a guy stayed in his room for an entire two weeks without leaving. Every day, at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, he would call room service and order eight bottles of beer and 20 cigarettes. (At night, he'd order 40 cigarettes.) When he eventually left, there were hundreds of empty beer bottles and the trashcan was full of cigarette butts, but other than that, the room was spotless. Who knows what that guy was up to?

Bathroom nap

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Herpes_free_since_73 "walked in on a couple sleeping on the bathroom floor of a hotel room." According to them, the bed was completely untouched and everything else was normal. Others have suggested that this couple was definitely drunk or high. 

Poop walls

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Ah yes, the classic poop-smearer. We hear these stories all the time, but rarely are they caught in action. Someone BizarreBreak89 knows worked housekeeping at a casino and walked in on a man smearing poop all over the walls with his bare hands. Apparently, the guy was mad that he lost a bunch of money gambling, so this is what he did. 

Single turd

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Speaking of casinos and poop, here's a ridiculous one. We'll let SillyToyRobot's story speak for itself: "I worked in a casino where I watched a middle-aged man literally shake a solid turd down his pant leg, sit back down, and continue on his machine." And so what did this commenter do? They turned around and went on their lunch break. They weren't about to deal with that. 

Meth lab

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C_Dubbz13 has a friend who was a maid at a cheap hotel. She once found the remnants of a meth lab in someone's room, but that's not where the story ends. Instead of calling the police, the manager just made her clean it up. That's extremely dangerous and not cool!

Dead body

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No joke, Proklenost found a dead body under the bed in their hotel room in Manhattan. It was on the news and everything. This is definitely the worst one on the list. 


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Oh no biggie, Acceleratour had a teacher who once worked in hotels and she found an anaconda in the bathroom of a hotel room one day. An anaconda. It was wrapped around the shower curtain pole. What do you even do about that? 

Devil worshippers

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The same person also once found a group of devil worshippers in the pool at 3 a.m., when the pool was very, very closed. They refused to get out, and so she had to have them physically dragged out of the pool. The kicker is that they weren't even guests of the hotel!

Chicken guy

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Dieceid worked at a large water park resort. During one late-night shift, when the hotel was almost empty, they accidentally walked in on "an old, heavy guy feasting on a bucket of fried chicken. Lights off, in front of the TV." That room was supposed to be vacant and they had no idea why he was there or how he even got there. Was it a chicken-eating ghost? We'll never know. 

Live chicken

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Speaking of chicken, pounds had a friend who did maintenance in hotels, and "one day he went to a room where the people had already checked out and there was a chicken in the room. Like a live chicken. Just chilling there."

Rib bones

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There's a lot going on in this one. _sissy_hankshaw_ walked in to clean up a room and "the tan carpet and all of the sheets were stained with deep red BBQ sauce and there were over 40 rib bones EVERYWHERE. There was a tripod left on its side in the corner of the room and handcuffs on the floor lamp... I only assume cheaply-made food porn was filmed the night before."

An egg

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I love this one so much. Naima22 used to work for a big hotel chain in London. There was a regular guest who used to leave a single, whole, intact raw egg in the bed when they checked out. There were no grocery stores in the area, and besides, it was one single egg every time. What a mystery!

Red wine stains

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It might not seem that out of the ordinary for a guest to leave a red wine stain in a hotel room, but listen to FrozenNord. They once walked into a room and it was completely covered in red stains. They were everywhere, "on the beds, the carpets, the floors, the walls, all over the bathroom. And even a little bit on the ceiling." They thought it was blood. Upon further inspection, it was red wine, which is almost weirder.

Naked people

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Real_bristolpalin had a doozy of an evening one night while they were working at a hotel. "I go into the server room behind the desk and there's water POURING from the ceiling. Like literally just pouring out over all of the computers." So the security team investigates all the rooms above the server room and 4-6 floors up, gets to a room where there is water spilling out from under the door. 

After trying to knock multiple times, they open the door. Inside, there's a huge naked man passed out on the bed and a woman passed out in the shower sitting on the drain with the shower running at full blast. 


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Rinnyroo recently found an abandoned cat in a hotel room. The cat had "no food, no water, and no litter box but was the sweetest little dude ever." The owner eventually called to try to get the cat back, but they lied and said they turned him over to animal services. In reality, one of the hotel managers adopted the cat and gave him the loving home he deserved.

Skeleton playing a grand piano

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This one seems like something straight out of The Hangover. Ncyoungprofessional walked by the room of a very wealthy guest one day and in the middle of the room was a skeleton sitting at a grand piano that was inside an inflatable pool. The hotel did not have a grand piano. 

Haunted doll

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LemonCurdd has seen a lot of stuff in their time working in hotels, but creepiest among them was "a Victorian-era doll in its own chair, watching over the bed." That's a big "no, thank you" from me. 

Dog hair

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The same person also once had a hotel room that was absolutely covered in dog hair. That in and of itself isn't weird, except for the fact that the guests who had been staying in that room did not have a dog with them

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