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Source: iStock Photo / Reddit

Hotel Housekeepers Reveal the Craziest Things They've Seen


If you've spent any time out in the world or on the internet lately — or really ever — you know that people can be so weird. And nothing makes people let loose more than a situation that they will leave in a few days and never return to. That's when they really let their crazy out. So people who work in hotels and casinos see some of the most bizarre aspects of human behavior. 

And thus, they have some of the juiciest stories on the planet. Someone asked the hotel and casino housekeepers of Reddit to share the strangest things they've seen, and hoo boy, what a thread. 

Housekeeper No. 2

Source: iStock Photo

Heiddeggerian was a concierge at an upscale hotel when this incident occurred. A woman came down and explained that "her 5-year-old opened the door to their bathroom and there was a housekeeper pooping in there." The housekeeper and the little boy screamed so loudly that they'd already gotten multiple noise complaints from surrounding rooms. Terrible for that 5-year-old boy, hilarious for us.