20 of the Worst Hotels People Have Ever Stayed In

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Sep. 16 2019, Updated 10:41 a.m. ET

bad hotels
Source: Reddit

When you are on vacation or a business trip, you want your hotel to not only be comfortable and clean, but ideally, you'd like it to be luxurious experience. The best hotels have jacuzzi tubs in which you can take bubble baths, complimentary treats, and giant, flat-screen TVs. These are not those hotels. These hotels are on the other end of the spectrum. We've all stayed in a gross hotel or two in our time. If any of them compared to these disasters, I'm truly sorry. 

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Someone's hair extensions were found under the covers of the bed in this hotel room. Even if the hair is fake, I'm sorry. This is so gross! I think I would just take all my stuff, get in the car, and drive away if I saw this in my hotel room.


This hotel provides you with an electric kettle and then tells you not to use the electric kettle. What kind of mind games is this?! Just don't put the electric kettle in the room!

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If your hotel doesn't fine you to use the electric kettle or the coffee maker, do make sure you open it up and inspect it before using it. Sometimes, it's full of mold, like this coffee maker. Gross.

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Oh, you've never heard of couch jumping? It's the hot new exercise trend. It's like crossfit only you might get bed bugs. It's so worth it for the muscle tone, though. 

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This person checked in without a problem, got their key, went up to their room, and was greeted with this. Amazing. There are several inches of water on the floor and it seems like no one in the hotel was informed of what was happening.

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When I stay in a hotel, I always make sure that the carpet design looks like a murderer dragged a dead, bleeding body down the hallway. That's how you know the place is truly full of people doing constant crimes. 

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I love the pretense of the full-length curtains. Do they not expect any guests to open them up? The only reason to have curtains like this with no window is so an intruder can easily hide behind them. 

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Yes, that is a toothbrush being used as a toilet paper holder in a hotel room. I don't want to know the story behind it, and I definitely do not want to touch that toothbrush. 

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"Do you have a pool?" 


"Oh great!"

"Oh, one thing, though. It's full of dirt."

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What is this, some sort of confusing Willy Wonka fun house? If I got to my hotel, got in the elevator, and saw this sign, I'd be convinced I would be ending up like, shooting underground, through a spooky tunnel, and end up in a room where a bunch of Oompa Loompas are testing chocolate rocket ships or something. 

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Yes, the housekeeping cart in this hotel is a stolen Marshalls shopping cart. I can't imagine that means that any of the actual amenities in the hotel rooms are very fancy. The shampoo is probably half a travel bottle leftover from the last, different hotel the housekeeper stayed in.

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Usually, I find typos hilarious and in most cases, "Coco Poops" would be no exception because poop is also funny. But when Coco Pops are listed as "poops" at a hotel breakfast bar, it makes me think that someone in the hotel kitchen is trying to tell us something.

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This piece of "art" was hanging above the breakfast hall in the hotel. I don't know about you, but I love my waffles topped with loose hairs, so this just made me really hungry. Nothing like a little bit of choking in the morning!

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Whoever left this note is a hero, and whoever found this note should find a new hotel to stay at. I don't want to be sleeping in a bed that someone else rubbed their butt all over if it hasn't been thoroughly cleaned!

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This hotel really needs to get a new maintenance person because this person fixed a frickin' hole in the wall by stuffing a napkin into it. They didn't even bother to try to smush the napkin all the way in so it is flush with the ceiling. 

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At least they're warning you about it? But personally, I'd rather not stay in a room that definitely has visible asbestos. I don't care that the hotel is "old" or "charming" if it's going to kill me...no quotation marks. 

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This is almost as bad as my parents' wifi password at home, which is something like "G9HN2389NLBB0025t047LBU253t289." At least they didn't actively choose to make their password obnoxious. In their case, it's just the default one they got when they had the internet set up.

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I don't want to know the story behind how this toilet flusher got bite marks in it. I am only imagining truly horrific things. In fact, I don't even want to stay in a hotel room where someone gnawed on a toilet once.

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I don't know what these bugs are, but I would not be staying in a hotel room that had this many bugs of any kind in the bed! At least these aren't bed bugs. Those are the absolute worst.

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Wow, hotel, way to taunt your guests with the promise of a hot bath and then not even give them a bathtub to bathe in! This sign in this hotel room is basically saying, "Happiness is taking a long, hot bath, so you definitely won't be happy here."

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