Houseparty Adds New 'Fortnite' Trivia Deck and More

Houseparty teamed up with ‘Fortnite’ to release a trivia deck that offers players in-game rewards. Learn more about this new update inside.


Apr. 19 2021, Updated 3:57 p.m. ET

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If there's one thing that has been keeping us sane over the past few weeks since the shelter-in-place orders were put into action to stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been staying in touch with our friends.

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Videochatting is nothing new but now that social distancing is preventing us from hanging out face-to-face, platforms such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Houseparty have become all the more ubiquitous.

If we are being honest, Houseparty is our favorite way to socialize with friends. While other platforms might offer better quality calls for larger groups, Houseparty keeps it intimate with a maximum of eight participants and hours upon hours of super fun interactive games.

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houseparty fortnite trivia deck

New Houseparty trivia: 'Fortnite,' Stuff to Know, More Sports, More Entertainment

Trivia is one of the funnest reasons to join Houseparty and to get your friends to download it as well. Test each other's skills in areas such as entertainment, the 2000s, geography, and more!

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Plus, while Houseparty has existed for years now, the new surge of users has prompted its makers to add some new categories that users can enjoy together during their calls.

One of these categories is Fortnite, and playing this deck will reward Fortnite players in-game. "We'll unlock a global reward for all Fortnite players if the Houseparty Fortnite Trivia deck hits 20 million correct answers before April 16 at 11:59PM ET!" Fortnite's official account tweeted on April 10.

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The collaboration makes sense as Houseparty was acquired by Epic Games last year, the same company behind Fortnite.

Per their official release, "after the community collectively answers 20 million Fortnite trivia questions correctly, the Fryangles Wrap will unlock for all players in Fortnite." They add that players can visit the Fortnite and Houseparty social media channels for progress updates.

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Additionally, Houseparty developers have added a Stuff to Know deck, which kind of expands on the General Knowledge category, plus a deck called More Sports, and another called More Entertainment.

As users who have already tested out these new decks, we can say with confidence that they're super fun to play, and provide a lighthearted and fun break if you and your Houseparty crew ever have a lull in your conversation. 

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houseparty fortnite trivia deck
Source: twitter

What other games can you play on Houseparty?

In addition to Trivia, Houseparty has partnered with Heads Up! to bring you the Taboo-style game. We had our doubts, but Heads Up! actually works really well, even with large groups. One person is the guesser, while all other players give hints.

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Our favorite game on the platform is Quick Draw!, which is basically Houseparty's version of Pictionary. Each round's designated illustrator has to draw the word that appears on their screen, while all the others try to guess it.

And lastly, Houseparty offers its take on Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity, called Chips and Guac. It's a word association game where players try and match up cards that are strange and funny, then compare with one another's unexpected combinations.

To join in on all the fun, download Houseparty on iOS, Android, macOS or Chrome. The Houseparty app, as well as all of the games mentioned above, are available for free.

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