TikTok's How Deep Is Your Love Challenge Has Come Alive Once Again for Creators

The How Deep Is Your Love TikTok Challenge has been reignited on the app. Creators are showing love to the hit song by Calvin Harrison Disciples.

Tatayana Yomary - Author

May 13 2021, Published 1:23 p.m. ET

How Deep Is Your Love TikTok
Source: TikTok

With a platform like TikTok, the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to content creation ideas. Users are able to participate in a variety of trends and challenges, or they can simply resist the bandwagon and create their own video concepts. Part of what makes the platform so great is the ability to use various types of audio — from popular music to funny audio clips.

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The latest TikTok challenge that has grabbed the attention of creators revolves around the Calvin Harris and Disciples song "How Deep Is Your Love." 

What exactly does the How Deep Is Your Love Challenge entail? Read on to learn more.

The How Deep Is Your Love TikTok Challenge has creators showing off their vocal abilities and fun personalities.

Most TikTok challenges featuring hit songs come with some sort of dance routine or skit. The How Deep Is Your Love Challenge is not exactly new to the app since many creators have been making videos with the popular Calvin Harris track since February 2020. 

But just like fashion trends come, go, and change along the way, so do challenges on the social platform.

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tiktoker aandrei david
Source: TikTok

This time around, creators have taken the opportunity to show off their vocal chops, lip synching skills, and imitating how white girls supposedly dance. In other words, it makes for a very entertaining hashtag to browse through.

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Source: TikTok

A great example is a clip by TikToker Mehtapisme. In her video, she shows followers her interpretation of how white girls dance. Throughout the video, she's jumping around, making flirty faces at the camera, and waving her hands in the air. 

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Another clip that has been receiving major attention is from TikToker DamnBratty. In his TikTok, the creator gives followers major personality as he also emulates how he feels white women dance. From the facial expressions to the dance moves, many believe that he has done the challenge justice. And with over 712,000 likes, he is well on his way to becoming a TikTok star. 

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The How Deep Is Your Love TikTok Challenge may see longevity this time around.

If you consider yourself to be a TikTok expert, you probably know that the How Deep Is Your Love Challenge is not new to the app. 

Since it’s a great challenge that all ages can participate in, it makes sense that it has resurfaced on the app. And since creators are having fun with various types of audio — including the Calvin Harris and Disciples hit song— we have a feeling this challenge will stick around longer this time around.

TikTok is home to a hub of different challenges and trends, with creators going viral with new ideas on an almost daily basis. But since this song has continued to maintain its popularity, chances of this challenge falling through the cracks actually seem pretty slim.

So there’s no reason you shouldn’t give the challenge a try. Whether you’re showing off your vocals skills or imitating the white girl dancing theme with the song, there is a chance that your interpretation will blow up and make you a star.

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