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Rosie Is Multimillionaire Drew's Lolita in 'Marrying Millions'



When we meet Rosie and multimillionaire Drew, their age and lifestyle differences certainly jump out. Based around Cleveland, Drew, 39, owns a massive 70-acre property that he lives and works out of, in addition to a pied-à-terre in the city proper.

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As for Rosie, 23, the recent college grad lives at home with her parents now that she's finished school. But her parents seem vehemently opposed to her budding love with "Daddy Drew," not least because of their age difference and the fact that they know he "deflowered" her, as she tells it. 

But that's not all. "If my parents found out how we met," she warns when we first meet her, "I'd lose any chance I have of them accepting our relationship."

Granted, this has led several viewers to speculate how they met. Was it online? At an adult bar? Naturally, fans' minds started going in all directions.

Here's what we know about how Rosie and Drew from Marrying Millions met.

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Source: Lifetime

So, how did Rosie and Drew from Marrying Millions meet?

All six couples on the show are pretty candid when it comes to how they met. Gentille met Brian when he was a contractor on one of her properties, and Katie met Kolton when her daughter brought him to the house along with a group of her friends.

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Granted, they're not always the most glamorous beginnings to a love story, but whatever, it's 2019, we can deal. That said, if there's one surefire way to make sure everyone's speculating about how you and your boo met, it's to straight-up flout every single question about the topic on camera.

Which, as you guessed it, is exactly what both Rosie and the "love of [her] life," "Daddy Drew" (her nickname, not ours) do when producers try to get at the tough question. "I don't know, what did she say?" Drew responds when asked how they got together.

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"What did he say?" Rosie responds when asked the same question. Separately, they each get super nervous. Producers aren't going to let it go. "Did you meet Rosie online?" they press. Drew begins to nervously drink from a bottle of water. "You're picking the wrong rock to turn over," he says.

Source: Lifetime
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Drew is definitely Rosie's sugar daddy, but did they meet on a sugar daddy website?

Rosie shuts down the line of questioning. "It doesn't matter how we met," she says. "The only thing that matters is that we love each other." 

But in a different scene, she adds, "My parents and a lot of my friends do not approve of Drew or this relationship. They think he's just some rich guy who just wants some hot young thing on his arm."

"So, if anybody every found out how we actually met, it would go from them just disapproving of Drew to a complete disaster," she continues.

But fan theories are running rampant, of course. Some think that "they will drag how Rosie and Drew met until the last episode and it's going to be boring AF," one user said, adding, "it's going to be that they met on Tinder." 

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However, considering how defensive Rosie gets, others think there's more to the story.

"Sooooo, did Rosie and Drew meet on Seeking Arrangements?" another asked. Seeking Arrangements, for anyone unfamiliar, is a specialized website where sugar babies and sugar daddies (or mommies!) can find their matches. And honestly, the stats check out. 

On the one hand, it makes sense they want to deflect where they met so much, it also makes sense that Rosie's parents would kill her if they found out about how they met, and thirdly, considering most sugar babies are in college when they start their accounts, the timing checks out as well.

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Source: Lifetime

Plus, the writers at Starcasm point to Rosie's social media as further evidence that the two met through this kind of sugar baby dating site. According to the outlet, she's posted many pictures and drawings of them as a couple since they first started going out around February of 2016.

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And in many of them, she references their age difference, socioeconomic statuses, and most strikingly of all, she adds the hashtag "#lolita" to several of her images. On their one-year anniversary, she posted a photo with a caption that read, "I'm convinced you dropped half a grand on me in that one weekend."

"In the clarity that followed," the post continued, "we both know that it would have been worth any sum. There at that table, I was a glamorous socialite, you, a high-powered business man, and everyone stole glances out of the corners of their eyes, to look at the young woman in the red dress," it ended.

We're pretty convinced the sugar daddy fan theory is right for this one, though we'll have to watch how the rest of the season unfolds to know for certain.

Don't miss Marrying Millions when it airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on Lifetime.

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