The Ending of 'American Horror Story's 'Red Tide' Leaves Some Things up in the Air

'AHS: Double Feature's' first part, 'Red Tide,' ends with a few things up in the air, and some viewers need a legitimate explanation to unpack it all.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Sep. 23 2021, Published 2:37 p.m. ET

Alma in 'AHS: Red Tide'
Source: FX

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for AHS Season 10.

Not every American Horror Story fan can be satisfied with every ending. And even though some applaud the way part one of Double Feature, titled Red Tide, ends, others aren't as willing to be diplomatic.

Part of the issue with Red Tide's finale is that there are still a few things up in the air. And there's no denying that the finale itself felt rushed.

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Some longtime AHS fans took to Twitter to call out co-creator Ryan Murphy and what they see as his inability to write proper endings. So far, there have been 10 seasons of AHS. They can't all be bangers.

Hopes were high ahead of the Red Tide finale, and there are still four episodes left of Double Feature. But first, let's unpack Red Tide.

'American Horror Story: Double Feature'
Source: FX
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How does 'AHS: Red Tide' end?

The first part of Double Feature ends with Los Angeles in shambles, thanks to the little black pill. The Chemist prepares to leave it all behind with baby Eli.

Now, let's back up.

The episode begins with the discovery of the sheriff's body. Her death sparks outrage from a state trooper, who is determined to investigate the strange goings-on in P-Town during the winter months.

The town council decides that Belle and Austin have to get rid of Harry Gardner and his family once and for all. But before they try to, Ursula works with the Chemist to give a "bad batch" of the black pills to the pale creatures.

This forces them to turn on Belle and Austin and basically rip them to shreds. Ursula then walks in, guns blazing (literally), and kills the pale creatures before they can get to Harry, Alma, or the baby.

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Because Harry decides they should be done with the pills, Alma kills him. You know, baby vamps gonna vamp. She moves to L.A. with Ursula, the Chemist, and Eli.

Flash forward a few months and Ursula makes the decision to hand out black pills left and right to essentially see what "real" talent is out there.

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She has no issue with the number of dead bodies new pale creatures leave in their wake, as long as she can sign some new talent. But, it turns out, there's more failure in L.A. than true talent. Go figure, right?

Even though the end of the episode doesn't explain why the Chemist and Eli part ways with Ursula and Alma, it's clear that the Chemist is over L.A. itself.

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The town is crawling with pale creatures, and the Chemist is ready to move on with Eli in tow, so she can either leave her mark in a similar fashion or work on another pill.

She explains in her voice-over that the pills allow people who aren't even talented to leave behind their own legacy, so there may be another purpose for those pills.

Which characters die in the 'AHS: Red Tide' finale?

You didn't think Red Tide would end without more death, did you? By the end of the hour, there are a few main characters who bite the dust. We have Belle and Austin, who really have no one to blame but themselves for their deaths. They're killed by pale creatures thanks to a different kind of pill from the Chemist.

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The Chemist in 'AHS: Double Feature'
Source: FX

Alma kills Harry with what appears to be her own set of filed-down chompers. Alma also gets rid of a fellow violinist when they both vie for an orchestra position.

And, of course, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of people who die in L.A. because of the pills. We can certainly do without the racist cops whose deaths come after they take the black pill. But plenty of talentless nobodies are also casualties.

How will 'Red Tide' tie into 'Death Valley'?

There are plenty of theories about how Red Tide will factor into Death Valley. The Chemist is the last main character shown at the end of Red Tide. She could show up in Death Valley at some point if the season flashes to the present day at all.

Judging from the previews, the majority of it is in black and white. An earlier version of the black pills could also play a role in 1950s America amidst aliens and government conspiracies.

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