'WandaVision' Brings Back Vision, but How Is He Alive After 'Infinity War'?


Mar. 8 2021, Updated 3:04 p.m. ET

The movies in the Marvel cinematic universe have, thus far, adhered to a pretty specific style. They've varied in tone, but they've all told fairly straightforward stories about the heroes at their center. As Marvel expands into the world of TV, though, the kinds of stories they're willing to tell seem to be expanding. The most radical example of this might be WandaVision, which is set to hit Disney+ soon. 

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How is Vision alive in 'WandaVision'?

As fans anticipate WandaVision, the first major TV event from the Marvel universe, many have questions about exactly what's going on in the show. For one thing, Vision appears to be a major character in the series, even though Marvel fans know that he was killed by Thanos at the end of Infinity War. Although many of the characters who died in Infinity War were brought back in Endgame, Vision wasn't one of them. 

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Naturally, then, many are wondering how Vision is in WandaVision. The answer to that might be somewhat complicated, and the marketing for the series has yet to offer a complete explanation. WandaVision is set after the events of Endgame, but it tells the story of Wanda and Vision as they live a quiet life in the suburbs, attempting to conceal their powers from their neighbors. 

The show takes the format of a conventional '50s sitcom, but as Wanda and Vision begin to move through the decades, they start to suspect that everything is not as it seems. 

The show has not yet confirmed this, but the leading theory is that the show is taking place in Wanda's head. She has constructed a reality in which she can be happy and with Vision to protect herself from her reality. 

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Given Wanda's powers, the theory makes sense. She's not just capable of imagining a better world for her and Vision, she can actually create one inside her mind. 

It's possible that the series is actually doing something else, but given the fact that Vision is dead in the real world, the series is sure to involve some surreal elements that are outside of Marvel's usual set of tools. 

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When does 'WandaVision' come out?

WandaVision is set to hit Disney+ on Jan. 15. In addition to being the first entry in Marvel's new TV projects, WandaVision will also serve as the launch of Phase 4 of the Marvel cinematic universe. The show wasn't supposed to start the new phase, but because of the coronavirus, Black Widow and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier have both been delayed. 

The show also represents the biggest spotlight that either Wanda or Vision has received in the series thus far. Although they've had prominent roles in past Marvel films, both characters have always been part of a larger ensemble. Now, they'll take center stage without having to compete with Captain America and Iron Man. WandaVision is all about them, and it looks like it's going to be much stranger than anything we've seen from Marvel thus far. 

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