'The Quarry' Can Branch Into Several Different Stories — How Many Endings Are There?

How many endings are in 'The Quarry'? The new Supermassive Games title follows a group of camp counselors stalked by terrifying monsters.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Jul. 12 2022, Published 2:41 p.m. ET

Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for The Quarry.

From Supermassive Games — the makers of 2015's Until Dawn and the Dark Pictures Anthology series — comes an all-new teen horror movie-style video game known as The Quarry. The game follows a group of teenage camp counselors at Hackett's Quarry. Amidst summer fling drama and social awkwardness, the teens find themselves attacked by mysterious creatures at the camp. Players must guide each character as they try to survive the night.

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Though the game purposefully presents itself as a by-the-numbers teen horror flick, players can control the action as they move their character through the darkest corners of Hackett's Quarry. The game has plenty of secrets and branching paths, meaning that the ending you reach can be wildly different between playthroughs. That being said, exactly how many endings are there in the game?

'The Quarry'
Source: Supermassive Games
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How many endings are in 'The Quarry'?

Like Until Dawn and the Dark Pictures games before it, The Quarry features several different narrative choices that players can make during gameplay. This title features nine playable characters, and each of them set off on their own different adventures.

However, it's not as if they're entirely separate. The choices that you make or don't make can drastically alter another character's actions. It can even mean the difference of a major character living or dying.

It's possible for everybody to survive the night. By that same measure, it's possible for some or even all of counselors to perish in Hackett's Quarry. Not to mention, the secrets you can find throughout the camp can have their own effect on the narrative, depending on how many you find. It's a title that encourages multiple playthroughs to see how differently things can occur.

With so many different choices and outcomes, how many endings are there in the first place?

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In an interview with IGN, game director Will Byles confirmed that The Quarry has over 186 unique endings. These scenarios not only consist of who lives and who dies, but also the mental and physical state of each player at the end.

"We worked out 186 different endings for these characters," Will tells IGN. "Not just alive or dead, [but] a whole variation of things like what could happen to them."

The narrative possibilities are vast, especially as the teens are pitted against werewolves.

Source: Supermassive Games
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The teens in 'The Quarry' come face to face with the White Wolf. Who is that?

As the night unfolds, the counselors soon discover the true nature of the monsters attacking them. Hackett's Quarry is infested by werewolves. Though they retain their human forms most of the time, they become violent and uncontrollable monsters under the light of the full moon. What's more, if you get bitten by one, you become one yourself. There's a chance you could get straight up killed by a werewolf, but there's also the chance that you'll turn into one and follow a new path.

Luckily, there's a solution to this canine affliction. Killing the werewolf who turned you will subsequently lift the curse from your own body. If you play your cards right, you may eventually track this werewolf line back to its original source, a monster known as the White Wolf.

The White Wolf is effectively Patient Zero of Hackett Quarry's werewolf infestation. If you find enough clues, you'll discover that his real name is Silas.

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Years before the events of the game, Silas was a caged up attraction for a traveling circus. After a young member of the Hackett family attempts to set him free out of pity, he ends up running wild and turning nearly the entire Hackett family and the residents of the Quarry into werewolves. As such, killing him would cure everybody of their werewolf condition.

But much like the rest of the game, players have the choice of whether or not to kill him. Subsequently, both endings are very different.

The Quarry is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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