The Contestants Lost $21,000 in One Day on 'Too Hot to Handle'

Sara Belcher - Author

Jul. 1 2021, Published 10:28 p.m. ET

'Too Hot to Handle'
Source: Netflix

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 2 of Too Hot to Handle.

Season 2 of Netflix's dating reality show Too Hot to Handle was just as steamy as the first. The show brings together a bunch of very attractive, anti-relationship people for four weeks to see if they can form emotional connections with one another instead of physical ones. For every sexual encounter the contestants have, they lose money from the $100,000 cash prize awarded at the end.

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Every infraction has a price, depending on how intimate it was, and Lana, the show's all-seeing digital host, docks the money from the group as the season progresses.

But just how much money did the contestants manage to lose on Season 2 of Too Hot to Handle?

'Too Hot to Handle'
Source: Netflix
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How much money did the contestants lose on Season 2?

The contestants from Season 1 managed to keep things pretty tame, only losing $25,000 of the total cash prize by the end of the season, meaning every contestant walked away with $7,500. But in Season 2, things got a bit trickier.

For starters, Lana announced early on in the season that this time around, the contestants wouldn't be splitting the cash prize at the end — giving every person more of a reason to keep their hands to themselves.

But unfortunately, this didn't work as well as expected for the couples because they managed to lose $21,000 of the final $100,000 cash prize in one single night. Cam and Emily were some of the worst-behaved of the bunch, losing a combined $17,000 within the first four episodes.

In the end, the contestants only had $55,000 of the $100,000 left — though at one point they had even less than that. Before they managed to earn back some of their lost prize money, the pool was down to a meager $30,000.

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Who won Season 2 of 'Too Hot to Handle'?

During the finale, Lana announced that the prize money would go solely to one contestant who had shown the most growth throughout the course of the season, narrowing it down to three different contestants to choose from. Surprisingly, Marvin Anthony, Carly Lawrence, and Cam Holmes were the three most-improved contestants in Season 2, and they had to prove to their peers why they deserved the cash prize.

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These contestants went on dates with their chosen significant others, explaining why they felt they deserved the money. The other contestants could also vote on who they felt exhibited the most growth.

In the end, Marvin was the one to walk away with the $55,000. He shared toward the end of the season that he realized growing up with a single mother made him hesitant to commit, so while he started off as one of the worst offenders, he ended the season on a high note.

The Season 2 finale was very different from the first, and depending on how viewers respond to it, the rules might change again for Season 3 of Too Hot to Handle.

You can now watch all of the episodes for Season 2 of Too Hot to Handle exclusively on Netflix.

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