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Source: Instagram

This Is How Much David Dobrik Makes Per Video — and It's More Than Some People's Salaries


If you're even mildly a fan of the Vlog Squad, then you're definitely subscribed to their ring leader, David Dobrik. David, who's best known for his short, four-minute and 20-second vlogs, has over 14.6 million subscribers on YouTube. He's won countless awards for his probably-scripted, short but fast-paced vlogs, and is also known for being Liza Koshy's ex.

If you've watched any of his videos, you know he's rich.

David doesn't hide that he makes an insane amount of money from YouTube alone — talking openly on his podcast about how he's an easy millionaire. Y'know, if you didn't already gather that from his multi-million dollar house and his Tesla that he loves to drive.

Clearly, the boy is loaded. But just how much money is he making per YouTube video?