Skoova Stev Will Clean Your Fish Tank in 'Jedi Survivor' — Here's How to Fill It

The fish tank at Pyloon's Saloon is filthy when you first see it, but once you find the right NPC and add some fish, it'll be beautiful. How to clean it.

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May 2 2023, Published 6:50 p.m. ET

A clean fishtank at Pyloon's Saloon in 'Star Wars Jedi: Survivor'
Source: Respawn Entertainment

While drifting around Pyloon's Saloon in Jedi: Survivor, there's a particularly dirty fish tank on the second floor of the building. The tank is mostly void of fish, and upon first inspection will be incredibly dirty.

Though you may be inclined to walk away from the fish tank and instead, say, spend time on the rooftop gardens, there is actually a way to restore the fish tank to its expected vibrancy.

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For those looking to bring more vibrancy to Pyloon's Salloon, here's how to clean the fish tank, as well as where to find all of the different fish you can add to it.

Skoova in 'Jedi: Survivor'
Source: Respawn Entertainment
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How to clean the fish tank in 'Jedi: Survivor.'

To clean the fish tank, you first have to Skoova Stev. You'll be able to unlock the rumor that will lead you to his location by talking with a Prospector near the back entrance of Pyloon's Saloon. He'll tell you that there's a fisherman near Rambler's Ranch that might be convinced to visit the saloon, and by traveling to the rumor marker on the holomap, you'll be able to bring him aboard.

Once you've done that, Skoova will hang out at Pyloon's Saloon near the fish tank. While it won't be perfectly cleaned when he first visits, the more fish you bring back to add to the tank, the cleaner it becomes.

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Skoova Stev in 'Jedi: Survivor'
Source: Respawn Entertainment

All fish locations in 'Jedi: Survivor.'

In total, there are 12 different fish you can bring back to Skoova, though they're located all over the galaxy. Most of these fish you'll be able to bring back without needing any special abilities, though there are certain ones that require you to master new abilities before you'll be able to reach them.

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Thankfully, all but two of these fish are found on Koboh, so if you wait until after you've finished the main story to go hunting for fish, you won't have to go too far. That said, if you manage to find Skoova as soon as possible, many of these fish can be found along the way as you complete the game.

Skoova Stev near the Barbed Hookfish location in 'Jedi: Survivor'
Source: Respawn Entertainment
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FishLocationHow to get
See FishFoothill Falls, KobohWhen you recruit Skoova, talk to him again and he'll find this fish to bring back.
Fingertip GarponRamber's Reach Outpost, KobohOne of the easier ones to find, you can find Skoova in the river outside of Pyloon's Saloon. Talk with him and he'll bring the Fingertip Garpon home.
Barbed HookfishSmuggler's Tunnel, KobohThis one will require going back down into Greez's Smuggler's Tunnel on Koboh. Skoova will be hanging out in one of the bodies of water in the tunnel.

Frilled NewtGorge Crash Site, KobohGo back to the meditation point at the Gorge Crash Site and Skoova will be near the tar pit.
Blue-Finned CrayfishBygone Settlement, KobohSkoova will be near a small pond on the far side of the settlement, past a variety of Stormtroopers and other enemies.
Big Mouth FaaRift Passage, KobohYou'll find Skoova hanging out in a little pond directly next to the meditation point in Rift Passage.
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Blinding Ray FishDevastated Settlement, KobohBefore tackling this one, you'll need to be able to fly with Relters and also have unlocked BD-1's Koboh Grinder ability. Go to the top of the region, where you'll find a Relter ready to fly you to a small plateau, where Skoova will be fishing.
Mee FishMountain Ascent, KobohYou will need both the Air Dash ability and Merrin's Charm to access this one. You'll find Skoova at the bottom of the waterfall in this region.

GlottsamcrabViscid Bog, KobohTo access the Glottsamcrab, you'll need to be able to fly with the Retlers and air dash. Use the Retler to navigate to a small island in the bog and you'll find Skoova fishing here.
Viscid LurkerPhon'Qi Caverns, KobohYou'll need Merrin's Charm, as well as the ability to Force Lift and air dash before you can find Skoova in the Phon'Qi Caverns.
SnakefishArid Flats, JedhaClimb the ledge to the right of the local meditation point, and Skoova should be fishing in a small pond there.
Fantailed LaaCrypt of Uhrma, JedhaOnce you unlock the puzzle in the crypt, there should be a small pond inside where you'll find this fish. You can see how to unlock the puzzle in our stim canister guide.
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