The Mangrove Swamp Is the Only Place to Find Mangrove Trees in 'Minecraft'

The Mangrove Swamp is a new biome in the 1.19 update of 'Minecraft,' and the only place to find mangrove trees. Here's how to find the biome.

Sara Belcher - Author

Jun. 8 2022, Published 10:03 p.m. ET

The Wild update for Minecraft has brought more than one new biome to the game — and with these new biomes comes content that's exclusive to these areas. While the sandbox title is truly a game where you can do just about anything you want to in it, those with a knack for exploring will find themselves wanting to uncover the new items located in these biomes.

While the Deep Dark biome is a bit tricky to find, the Mangrove Swamp is easier — and has some new friends to meet. Here's how to find it.

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How to find the Mangrove Swamp in 'Minecraft.'

The Mangrove Swamp is the second swamp biome to be introduced to the game and is the only area on the map where players can find mangrove wood. It's a warmer climate in the game, bringing with it some new creatures like frogs and tadpoles.

Just like the regular swamp biome, you may also find witch huts and fossil structures in the Mangrove Swamp — though be warned, the woods around this area are dense and a witch may be hiding among the trees.

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You can, of course, find this biome by using the locate feature in the game. Just type “/locate biome minecraft:mangrove_swamp” into the game's chat feature and it will give you the coordinates of the closest Mangrove Swamp near you. If you would rather find it the authentic way, you'll want to stay away from colder climates.

Since the Mangrove Swamp is a warmer area, it will likely spawn near deserts, jungles, and other traditionally warm climates.

How to grow a mangrove tree.

While there are many types of trees in Minecraft that you can grow, the mangrove tree is a bit different. Instead of getting a sapling and planting it, you'll need to get a propagule, which can only be found hanging from the leaves of a mangrove tree. Once you find the Mangrove Swamp and cut down a few of the trees (or just take the propagules), you'll be able to take them back to your home to plant.

The propagules can be grown either under water or in the ground, depending on your landscaping preferences. Unfortunately, they do take longer than a traditional tree to grow. Once you've planted it, all you can really do is wait until it finishes growing.

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