You'll Have to Watch the Weather to Get all Four Forms of Castform in 'Pokémon GO'

Each form of Castform is available during different weather conditions, so you'll have to play across seasons.

Sara Belcher - Author

Mar. 21 2024, Published 5:12 p.m. ET

Source: The Pokémon Company

The popular mobile AR game Pokémon GO is one of the only games in the franchise where you can catch just about every Pokémon released across all nine generations. Not only that, but plenty of these Pokémon have Shiny forms available, making it a constant favorite for longtime Pokémon fans.

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Castform was originally introduced to the Pokémon franchise during Gen. III, making its debut in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. It's been available in Pokémon GO for years now, and players are still trying to capture it. There are multiple different forms of Castform to secure in Pokémon GO, so here's how to get all of them to add to your personal PokéDex.

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There are four different forms of Castform you can catch in 'Pokémon GO.'

In the mainline games, Castform traditionally adjusts its form based on the weather on the battlefield, but since Pokémon GO doesn't utilize these weather mechanics in-game the same way, this Pokémon has been adjusted. Because of this adjustment, there are now four different forms of Castform you can catch in the wild, each with a different typing that can only be found in specific weather conditions.

Castform won't switch between these forms in battle, regardless of the weather where you're battling. Once you've captured a specific form, it will stay like that forever in Pokémon GO. Here are the four different forms of Castform you can catch in the game currently:

  • CastformNormal-type
  • Castform (Rainy) Water-type
  • Castform (Snowy)Ice-type
  • Castform (Sunny)Fire-type
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Understandably, these different forms are found in specific types of weather related to their typing. You'll find Castform's Rainy form in rainy weather, its Snowy form when it snows or is foggy, its Sunny form when it's sunny, and its normal form in all other weather conditions.

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If you've already caught a Castform, you should be able to see in your PokéDex which form you've caught. From there, you'll have to watch the weather in your region to see when you'll have a chance to catch its other forms. Currently, it seems its snowy form is the hardest to find organically.

You can also trade the other forms with friends if you have someone who lives in a snowier or sunnier climate than you, though for the most part, you should be able to catch every form in your region.

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Can Castform be Shiny in 'Pokémon GO'?

If you're a Shinhy hunter, then you're in luck. All four of Castform's different forms have a Shiny version, meaning to complete your Shiny PokéDex you'll have four different versions to hunt down.

Using the traditional Shiny hunting methods during your desired weather condition is the best way to increase your chances of finding the Shiny version of the Castform variation you're hunting for. Occasionally, Niantic also does limited-time events where all of Castform's different variations will appear regardless of the weather, so that is the optimal chance to build out your Shiny PokéDex.

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