How Do You Play 'Flappy Bird' on TikTok? Here's How to Get the New Filter

If you're looking to show off your best video gaming skills, here's how to get the 'Flappy Bird' filter on TikTok to play on camera all day long.

Lizzy Rosenberg - Author

Apr. 16 2020, Updated 2:05 p.m. ET

The one and only thing that people love more than playing Flappy Bird is showing off their Flappy Bird skills to all their friends and family, and luckily, both TikTok and Instagram are now enabling users to put their live video-gaming skills to the test with a filter that emulates the inexplicably addicting mobile game. 

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Stay tuned for instructions on how to get the Flappy Bird filter on TikTok and Instagram, to boast your ~skillz~ to your friends, followers, and fans — we're expecting to see some seriously sweet moves out there. 

flappy bird game
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Here's how to get the 'Flappy Bird' filter for both Instagram and TikTok:

If you aren't already familiar with Flappy Bird, let us bring you up to speed. It's a mobile single-player game that was created back in 2013, and challenges users to control a rogue bird with their fingers by guiding the bird through various obstacles while trying not to get hit, or collide with random objects. While Flappy Bird is difficult, it's also extremely addicting, so it's both a blessing and a curse that it's available as a TikTok and Instagram filter.

To get the Flappy Bird filter for Instagram and TikTok, locate and follow the profile of the filter's creator via Instagram, @igor.zhurba, according to a video from YouTube user, Jypsyvloggin. Select the filter tab, scroll down, and select the "Flappy Bird" filter. 

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Click the "try" option and save it to your camera roll, before launching it on your TikTok or Instagram Story cameras. Hit record and play the game, and you'll have a video of yourself playing. Check out a few Flappy Bird TikTok videos below.

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There's one difference in playing the game on Instagram or TikTok, as opposed to your phone.

Like we said earlier, in the original version of the mobile game, players were required to control the bird on their smartphone touch screens, by simply using their fingers. However, playing the game on Instagram or via TikTok is a little bit different in terms of controlling your bird.

The Instagram and TikTok filter, on the other hand, is a little different. It's operated using Augmented Reality (AR), so instead of using your finger to guide the bird, you'll use your face to operate the controls, according to Young Post. 

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Users simply have to move their faces up and down to control the direction of the bird. Additionally, the game allows for up to two players instead of one, so you can challenge each and every one of your friends. 

friend challenge
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TikTok is basically responsible for reigniting the flame of your Flappy Bird addiction, so bid a heartfelt farewell to any ounce of productivity you thought you had in store for this weekend. If you need any of us, we'll be holed up inside attempting to beat our high score, and — of course — impress everyone we've ever met with our impeccable video-gaming skills. 

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