You'll Need Nth Metal for Upgrades in 'Gotham Knights'

Sara Belcher - Author

Oct. 26 2022, Published 6:20 p.m. ET

'Gotham Knights'
Source: WB Games Montreal

The long-awaited Gotham Knights is finally here, letting four members of the Bat Family carry on Batman's legacy after his passing, keeping the streets of Gotham safe.

Like many popular games lately, Gotham Knights has a crafting feature, sending players on hunts for various materials to craft items they'll need in the game.

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One of the highly coveted materials is Nth metal — and you'll need a lot of it. But how do you get more Nth metal in the game?

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How to get more Nth Metal in 'Gotham Knights.'

Unfortunately, it'll take a lot of grinding to farm Nth metal, which is required to upgrade your various suits and weapons. The only way to obtain more of this item is to defeat enemies.

Every enemy you face in Gotham City will have a chance of dropping Nth metal when you defeat them — but not every enemy will drop the resource, as its drop rate isn't particularly high. Tougher enemies have a much higher chance of giving you Nth metal when defeated, but these will, of course, be harder to beat.

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The best recommendation is to venture into the city and pick off enemies you know won't be too difficult for you to handle, but are still relatively tough. While certain foes, like Veterans and Champions, have a higher chance of dropping Nth metal when defeated, again, it's not a guarantee that you'll receive the coveted resource. That being said, since they have a higher chance to drop Nth metal, it may be worth it to seek them out when exploring Gotham — if you think you can take them down.

Unfortunately, there are not any other ways to farm Nth metal in the game, meaning the best way to obtain more of it is to just continue to play the game. While this isn't as exciting as being able to farm a lot of the material all at once to complete many upgrades, it'll also make sure you're not overleveling too early in the game, keeping it a challenge from beginning to end.

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