There's an Adorable New Pet in 'Adopt Me!' You're Going to Love

'Adopt Me!' is celebrating its fourth anniversary and to do so, it's bringing pet butterflies to the game for a limited time. Here's how to get one.

Kori Williams - Author

Jul. 15 2021, Published 6:33 p.m. ET

Animal Crossing isn't the only video game you'll want to curl up with after a long day. Adopt Me! – which is available on the Roblox platform – has its own style of adorableness that will get you hooked and have you playing for hours. And now, with a new update, it's about to get even better.

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On July 14, 2021, the Adopt Me! YouTube channel posted a surprise to celebrate the game's fourth birthday: an all new pet! Now, players can get the Uplift Butterfly with big, bright pink wings. Here's everything you need to know to get the butterfly, but you'll have to act fast.

Here's how to get the Uplift Butterfly in 'Adopt Me!'

Once you've downloaded the new update, you'll start seeing the Uplift Butterflies near the entrance to Adoption Island. When you see one, you can walk up to it and purchase it for 1,500 Bucks of in-game money. You can also turn the pink pets into Neon or Mega Neon Butterflies. Combine four fully grown Uplift Butterflies to make a Neon Uplift Butterfly, and then combine four fully grown Neons to make a Mega Neon Butterfly.

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When you get an Uplift Butterfly, you have a few different options that will show up when you select it. Players can make their new pet fly, take a ride on its back, pick it up, feed it, dress it up, and make it do tricks. The pets can even fall asleep. But if you want the Butterfly as a pet, you'll have to act fast.

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The announcement for the Uplift Butterflies states that they will only be in available in the game from July 14 until July 22, 2021. If you miss it, you can trade with other players to get your virtual hands on one, but since it's only available for a short time, the trade value will most likely be really high once the timeframe is over. For this reason, it's probably best to get yourself one while the window is still open.

Here's how you customize your Uplift Butterflies.

If you have other in-game pets, the steps to making them Neon or Mega Neon are the same. According to the Adopt Me! fandom page, to make a pet Neon you'll have to first get four fully grown pets of the same species. Then you need to go to the Neon Cave located under the bridge that connects Adoption Island to the Neighborhood.

To make a Neon Butterfly, you can fuse four Uplift Butterflies over the four glowing circles inside the Neon Cave.

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To get a Mega Neon Butterfly, you'll have to do the same process over again except this time, you'll need four Neon Butterflies, which will cost you about 24,000 Bucks. This step is also harder to complete considering the tight timeframe, so your first order of business should be to buy at least 16 Uplift Butterflies so you can make the Mega Neon one later on in the game.

One main difference between Neon and Mega Neon pets, according to the Adopt Me! fandom, is that Neon pets glow in a single bright light. Mega Neons, on the other hand, cycle through different colors in the rainbow and show off all kinds of colors. The Uplift Butterflies appear to be at the fully grown stage of their life cycle when you get them, so you don't have to wait to customize them.

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