Those Creepy Eye Chests in 'Hogwarts Legacy' Are a Great Money Glitch

Jon Bitner - Author

Feb. 8 2023, Updated 5:40 p.m. ET

'Hogwarts Legacy' Eye Chest
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Hundreds of secrets are lurking throughout Hogwarts and its surrounding land in Hogwarts Legacy, but few are as puzzling as the creepy Eye Chests. These bizarre contraptions are exactly what they sound like – treasure chests designed around an eyeball that follows your movements. The contraptions are technically called Disillusionment Chests, but the Hogwarts Legacy community lovingly refers to them as Eye Chests.

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Whatever you call them, figuring out how to crack them and steal their treasure isn’t easy. Here’s how to open Eye Chests in Hogwarts Legacy and fill your pockets with loot.

'Hogwarts Legacy' Casting Spell
Source: Avalanche Software
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How to open Eye Chests in 'Hogwarts Legacy'.

As you make your way through Hogwarts castle, you’ll eventually stumble upon Eye Chests. These can be randomly found throughout the grounds, although it’s not immediately clear how to open them. Get too close, and they’ll lock down tight – blocking your attempts to pick the lock until you retreat out of sight. And try as you might, no spells seem to have any effect on Eye Chests.

Instead, you’ll need to cast a spell on yourself to open Eye Chests in Hogwarts Legacy. After learning the Disillusionment spell (which occurs during the Secrets of the Restricted Section quest), you’ll need to cast the spell on yourself while out of sight from an Eye Chest. Then, with the spell cast, you can simply walk up to Eye Chests and unlock them.

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Keep in mind that you’ll likely find several Eye Chests before learning the Disillusionment spell – so commit their location to memory and head back once you’ve added the spell to your arsenal.

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Another option is to use Invisibility Potions instead of the Disillusionment spell. We’d recommend against this, however, as those potions have better uses. Just be patient, and once you’ve unlocked the proper spell, retrace your steps and unlock the Eye Chests.

Farming Eye Chests is like a money glitch in 'Hogwarts Legacy.'

After going through the trouble of unlocking Eye Chests, you’ll be rewarded with 500 coins. That makes it more than worth your while to venture off the beaten path and track down these unsettling creatures, as coins are a valuable commodity in Hogwarts Legacy. An easy way to find them is by listening for their distinctive growl, although their white and gold markings make them stand out against most backdrops.

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Hogwarts Legacy Outdoor Environment
Source: Avalanche Software

As far as money-making efforts are concerned, tracking down Eye Chests is one of your best bets in Hogwarts Legacy. Not only is it a low-stakes method (as in, you won’t be facing off against hordes of enemies), but once you’ve unlocked Disillusionment, you won’t need to invest much money either. Just make sure you’re out of sight before casting your spell, otherwise the Eye Chest will know what you’re up to and clamp itself down tight.

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