Did You Get Some Bell Vouchers on 'Animal Crossing'? Here's What to Do With Them

Amber Garrett - Author

May 1 2020, Updated 12:07 p.m. ET

OK, so you've just used your May Day ticket from Tom Nook on Animal Crossing: New Horizons, completed the maze, and now you've got all these Bell Vouchers. You've seen them before when purchasing Nook Miles Tickets from the Nook Stop terminal but this is the first time you've ever had one in your pocket. What now? Here's how to convert those bell vouchers into cold, hard bells.

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How to use bell vouchers in 'Animal Crossing':

It can be confusing not knowing who to give the bell vouchers to, but — like most anything you redeem for bells in the game — your next stop should be to Nook's Cranny. There, you can sell the vouchers to Timmy and Tommy, who will give you 3,000 bells for each ticket in your possession. Not too shabby!

bell voucher animal crossing
Source: Nintendo
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There are at least eight bell vouchers you can retrieve in the May Day Maze challenge, and they, along with the prize Rover gives you at the end of the maze, are your reward for making it through the maze. Both the vouchers and the prize — a suitcase — will be in your mail when you return home and have the contents of your pockets returned to you. 

Also, as the user below and I both learned the hard way, you will end up having to leave several of those vouchers behind if you don't end the maze with three fruit in your pocket. Otherwise, you won't have the strength to break through three rocks standing between you and the vouchers. Consume fruit wisely!

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The May Day Maze isn't the only place you can get bell vouchers. As mentioned above, they're available in the Redeem Nook Miles section of the Nook Stop menu, right above Nook Miles Tickets, with an exchange rate of 500 Nook Miles for 3,000 bells.

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OK, but what is the point of bell vouchers? What are they for?

Honestly, a big reason the May Day Maze challenge was the first time many players (yours truly included) used a bell voucher is because they're... a little pointless. There are so many ways to make money in the game that it feels like a poor use of your Nook Miles to redeem them for cash, but there are a few circumstances where we could see it being beneficial.

nook miles menu
Source: nintendo
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That said, while there are plenty of more worthwhile things to spend your Nook Miles on at this point in the game's release, we could definitely see a point at which we have an excess of Nook Miles and nothing in the rewards menu that seems worth spending them on. 

In those circumstances, converting Nook Miles to bells probably doesn't seem like such a bad idea after all. You can only take so many Mystery Island tours and erect so many monster statues around your island before it all gets a bit ho-hum.

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