Woman Thinks Husband Got Her Tickets to a Baseball Game for Her Birthday, but She's Wrong

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Jul. 18 2023, Published 11:05 a.m. ET

No matter how bad a gift is, it's common courtesy to put on a happy face, say "thank you," and let the gift-giver know how kind they are. However, some people just aren't prepared to receive something so terrible, like this woman in the popular "AITA" subreddit.

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The original poster revealed that her husband got her tickets to a baseball game for her birthday — and she hates baseball. Read on for the full story. Plus, keep scrolling to hear what the internet has to say!

A couple exchanging gifts, and the woman hates her gift.
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A woman thinks her husband got tickets to a baseball game for her birthday.

The OP revealed she and her husband's birthdays fall during the same week, adding that she often goes all out for his celebration while he does a good job "most of the time." She said that for her husband's birthday this year, she threw him a massive party and got him a "very nice" gift.

Now, onto the OP's birthday! She woke up and discovered that her husband was golfing with his buddies; when he got home, he told her that the plan for her birthday was to go to a bakery and a bookstore. The OP said she left her credit card at work, so she asked her husband if he would buy a book for her — he initially said no, but eventually agreed.

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At the bakery, the OP got a coffee and "a few treats." She said that every time she picked up an item, her husband "got annoyed about the cost and made a comment." The couple also got a slice of cake to share, but the OP barely had any because her husband had eaten most of it.

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"The day was very nice, but I was kinda sad about the lack of effort and then the constant complaining about the cost of things," the OP explained, noting that she and her husband don't have any money struggles.

Then, the OP's husband mentioned her present: "I was very clear on what I wanted for my birthday — tickets to my fav artist," the OP wrote. "So he tells me I'll get my gift on Friday, and it's an event, and he wants to keep it a surprise. And Friday is the day of the concert, so I got super excited expecting tickets."

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Unfortunately, the OP's birthday gift wasn't up to par because she found out her husband got her tickets to a baseball game. She said she was "immediately annoyed because I HATE baseball. Everyone knows I hate baseball. And he also hates it! I would rather just not get a gift at all [than] pretend to enjoy sitting through a whole baseball game..."

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Many fellow Redditors took to the comment section and called the OP's husband a horrible person; some wondered if he even cared about her. However, that's far from the truth because, in an update, the OP clears things up.

As it turns out, her husband didn't tell her the gift was tickets to a baseball game; she just assumed it was because her husband wrote a reminder that said, "[my name]'s birthday gift — get tickets, baseball game."

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"I finally ask if he will just tell me what the surprise is, and it was NOT a baseball game lol. It's an adventurous activity-type gift that I have been wanting to do forever. Think sky diving or bungee jumping," the OP said. "It also comes with dinner at my favorite restaurant. It's a VERY expensive date evening for us, as it'll cost over $1,000."

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She continued, "And as much as I wanted to go to the concert, this tops it by 100. The reason the reminder mentioned baseball is because the activity doesn't run when there is a game."

The OP also brought up her actual birthday, and her husband apologized and said he was "so focused on planning the surprise ... that he didn't realize that I wanted him to plan something for my actual birthday."

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"He also apologized for being very cost-focused and explained that he was concerned because of the cost of the real gift," the OP added. "We don't struggle with money, but we do have a budget we both make together and follow, and we also set limits for how much we spend on gifts and holidays."

Wow — talk about one big understanding!

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