Husband Almost Loses Wife’s Sentimental Keychain, She Calls Him Out Online

A woman called out her "dumba--" husband for leaving her car keys on the car roof. She was more worried about the keychain than the keys.


Nov. 7 2023, Published 1:48 p.m. ET

On TikTok, a stay-at-home mom named Rachel (@rachonlife) said her husband nearly lost a keychain loaded with memories when he accidentally left the keys on their car roof.

Luckily, a stranger spotted the keychain on the car roof at a Starbucks location and told Rachel, who paid for the woman’s drink.

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“To the woman whose $6 Starbucks I bought this morning, that $6 Starbucks was nothing compared to how much it would have cost to replace this set of keys,” Rachel said in the video posted on Sept. 11, 2023. Here's what went down.

A husband accidentally left his wife's car keys on the car roof.

In her TikTok video, Rachel said that her “dumba--” husband left the keys on the car roof. “And yes, I am calling his a-- a dumba-- on the internet, because he knows it was him,” she said.

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Volkswagen Touareg
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Rachel showed viewers how she has two car keys. One she keeps in her fanny pack, and the other — which is attached to a more sentimental keychain — she keeps in a purse in a closet.

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“My dumba-- husband decided to take these car keys, the spares, out of my purse that lives in the closet that I never use because I never wear a purse because I always have that [fanny pack].”

For some reason, her husband took the keys out of the purse, unlocked the car, put the keys on top of the car (“Why not just in the car? I don’t know,” Rachel said), and then put their toddler in the car seat.

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“And we drive around all day yesterday,” Rachel added. “All day yesterday, we’re hearing this [scrapes keys across tabletop] on top of the car, and we can’t figure out what it is.” (Rachel doesn’t say whether they checked the roof of the car after hearing the scraping sound the day before.)

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Rachel explained why the keychain can’t be replaced.

From the sound of it, Rachel keeps the more sentimental keychain in the closet because of the trinkets that can’t be replaced. Sure, there’s a Volkswagen key that can be replaced, and yes, there’s a Taylor Swift keychain that — while “not f------ cheap,” as Rachel says — she could probably find again.

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But then there’s the stuff money can’t buy. “This is a peace sign that my ex-best friend and I got on vacation when we were in the seventh or eighth grade,” Rachel said, holding up one of the trinkets on the keychain. “And I just cannot get rid of it because my entire childhood, I think of her. And I will never get rid of this even though we don’t have a relationship.”

As for the ring itself, it’s a James Avery sterling silver keychain, a gift from Rachel’s favorite teacher from her senior year in high school. And there’s a silver elephant, which Rachel said, with her voice breaking, was “one of the last happy memories” that she had of her brother.

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In the comments, Rachel explained that the woman at Starbucks spotted the keys on Rachel’s car roof from behind her in the drive-thru line. And Rachel told a commenter that the reason the keys stayed on the car roof for so long is that she’s “a grandma driver.”

“These keys are more than just car keys, so to the lady whose $6 Starbucks I bought this morning, you have no idea,” she said in the video. “That $6 was more than just $6.”

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