"Whoops!" — Husband Just Ruined Priceless Moment of His Daughter Meeting Her New Sibling

A man accidentally ruined a video his postpartum wife was recording of their daughter meeting her new sibling and the internet is livid.

Kelly Corbett - Author

Oct. 9 2023, Published 1:51 p.m. ET

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I give so much credit to TikTok stars and influencers for their camera skills. They are masters at capturing the moment and telling a story in just a few seconds of footage. They make it look easy, but anyone who has ever tried to film a video with their phone knows that it can be kind of a challenge at times.

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There are always obstacles. Maybe the wind is blowing too loud, or your phone dies just when you're about to capture the perfect shot. Or maybe a Karen intentionally tries to ruin it. Filming a video is hard work!

Take it from this woman, who had everything set up to film an adorable video of her daughter meeting her sibling for the first time. But then, of course, something went wrong, preventing her from capturing the special moment.

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A husband ruins the special moment of his daughter meeting her newborn sibling by blocking the camera.

No offense to this man, but if I had just carried a baby for nine months and was finally about to capture the moment my daughter meets her new sibling, only to have my partner ruin it with a giant soda cup, I would lose it.

That's exactly what happened to a woman named Alyssa (@aashford1), who took to TikTok to share the maddening video.

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In the video, Alyssa is seen in a hospital bed cradling her newborn. Her husband walks in with their daughter, and the little girl walks over to her mother. We see her for a few seconds before Alyssa's husband walks over to the other side of the bed and places a large soda cup in front of Alyssa's phone, blocking the view. Behind the cup, we can hear the little girl, but cannot see her. Her voice has become muffled. The moment has been ruined.

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A few seconds later, Alyssa quickly realizes that her husband placed his cup in front of her phone, butchering the video. His reaction? He said "whoops" and then moved the cup.

While the issue was corrected quickly, the initial reaction to their meeting was not caught on film. In the text of the video, Alyssa writes "POV: You've waited your whole pregnancy to record your daughter's reaction to meeting her new sibling."

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Source: tiktok
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Alyssa's video struck a chord with other TikTok users. "I just got so mad at your husband!" wrote one woman in the comments.

A second commenter said: "Omfg this is exactly what marriage is. When someone asks what it’s like to be married show them this video. That’s it."

Others complimented Alyssa on how well she handled the situation. "The 'whoops' would have sent me over the edge," read one comment.

Another said, "I’m newly postpartum and this would’ve probably made me cry for three days straight lol."

tiktok comments dad ruins reaction video
Source: tiktok
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This husband also went golfing three days after the baby was born.

As if the soda cup fiasco didn't enrage us enough, Alyssa shared another TikTok where her husband is seen sitting on the couch drinking a beer. In the video's text, she writes: "POV: Your husband gets home from golf when you're three days postpartum."

In the caption, she admits she said he could go, but notes that he is "annoying" her.

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The comment section of that video was also filled with comments criticizing her husband.

"Nah we all annoyed. He shouldn’t have asked," read one comment. Another user claimed that he probably doesn't even realize how good he has it: "Does he know how lucky he is that he even got to go golfing because I would never allow this. You’re a kind wife and he’s a lucky husband."

Fingers crossed that Alyssa's husband starts making better decisions regarding Alyssa and their newborn because right now he is on thin ice with TikTok.

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