Social Media Outraged as Man Shaves His Wife's Head In "Joke" Gone Wrong

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Jan. 10 2024, Published 4:20 p.m. ET

For many fabulous ladies (yours truly included), our hair isn't just a fluffy crown perched on our noggins. Oh no, those luxurious locks are a reflection of our unique individuality, beaming with fierce femininity, sensuality, and maybe even a burst of vibrant energy!

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Now, picture this: Someone near and dear swipes that treasure away. What's a girl to do? Enter a brave soul from the "Relationship Advice" subreddit, sharing a jaw-dropping post about her husband pulling a prank that involved shaving her head. OK, seriously?! Read on for the rest of this heartbreaking story.

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This husband thought it would be funny to shave his wife's head.

In the now-viral post, the OP initially boasted about the "healthy" and "harmonious" vibes she and her hubby of three years have always grooved to. But lo and behold, the plot thickened when the love of her life decided to play barber one fine morning.

Armed with an electric razor, he swept through her locks. At first, the OP thought he pretended to do it — but then she saw a massive chunk of her hair floating in the bathroom sink. The OP unleashed a symphony of tears and yells upon her unsuspecting spouse. His response? A hearty laugh, claiming it was all in good fun and that hair grows back.

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The aftermath? A massive argument, an apology from the OP's husband, and a stubborn insistence that it was just a side-splitting prank. The OP, however, remained resolute in her refusal to forgive, haunted by the lingering question of why her husband would do something so cruel.

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"I just don't get it — why would he laugh at my [misery]? It seems borderline sadistic and abusive to me. I'm also afraid that he would do something like this again in the future to me because he finds it 'funny,'" the OP wrote. "I don't think I will ever be able to forgive or trust him, and [I am] seriously [considering] getting a divorce."

Reddit users suggested that the OP take time away from her husband.

Although the post has since been deleted from the forum, fellow Reddit users had a field day with advice, with many urging the OP to take a breather from her razor-happy husband.

"The fact that he can see how upset you are and remain so confidently incorrect that it's just a prank is appalling. How can you ever trust to be in a bathroom with him again? To sleep near him?" one person said. "He needs to get out and find somewhere to stay until he's willing to admit how much bad he's done."

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A second Redditor agreed, writing, "I would separate over this, at the very least, and insist he sort himself out with a therapist before he's allowed back in your home."

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"You should, at the very least, separate for a while. Go to your family's house with your daughter and stay there for a month or so," a third person commented. "Let it sink in ... how serious this was. If he pushes back or keeps defending himself, you'll know where to go from there."

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Another user chimed in, "If anyone did that to me (even if it was my favorite person in the world), they would be dead to me. Every single bit of love and respect that I ever had for them would zap right out of my body."

"Absolutely this," someone else nodded in agreement. "I'm not one to jump to its abuse but for him to keep insisting it was funny to him while you're in distress is a massive red flag.

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