Sadly, ‘Barbie’s’ “I Am Kenough” Hoodie Is out of Stock — Where to Buy It When It Returns

‘Barbie The Movie’ created social media buzz with Ryan Gosling's "I Am Kenough" hoodie. Here’s how to add this adorable piece to your wardrobe.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Jul. 24 2023, Published 11:09 a.m. ET

The Barbie The Movie craze has been nonstop during the months leading up to the highly-anticipated film.

Barbie's iconic pink shade dominated everything from shoes to Xbox, thanks to the Margot Robbie-led movie. Warner Bros.'s impressive promotion ensured social media buzz for the film's U.S. premiere on July 21, 2023.

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One of the highlights for many of the film’s fans was Ryan Gosling’s (*Spoiler*) hoodie, which he wore at the end of Barbie The Movie. The tie-dye sweatshirt was already adorable because the hunky Ken actor wore it, but its phrase, “I Am Kenough,” made viewers want to buy the fuzzy sweater for themselves.

So, is the “I Am Kenough” hoodie for sale? Here’s what to know.

Ryan Gosling at the Barbie premiere in July 2023
Source: Getty Images
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‘Barbie’ fans are obsessed with Ryan Gosling’s “I Am Kenough” hoodie.

A significant part of Barbie The Movie’s appeal is the Greta Gerwig film’s impeccable casting choices. The main character, Barbie, is played by Margot, who proved throughout her many red-carpet events to promote the film that she understood the assignment. The movie also included other stars like Issa Rae as President Barbie, who has been referred to multiple times on the Internet as a living Barbie doll.

Of course, Warner Bros. couldn’t have a Barbie movie without Barbie’s beloved beau, Ken. To those who have followed his career, Ryan seemed like the perfect choice for the role, and he proved as much during the promo tours for the film.

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In multiple red-carpet interviews, Ryan introduced some of Ken’s vocabulary, using phrases like “Kenergy” and telling journalists, “You are Kenough.” When the movie debuted, fans saw that Ryan’s character believed in his “isms” so much that he had “I Am Kenough” on his hoodie just before the movie ended.

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After seeing Ken’s “I Am Kenough” hoodie, many moviegoers fell in love with the piece almost as much as they did with the man, err, doll wearing it. On social media, several fans inquired about getting the hoodie for themselves.

Thankfully, the “I Am Kenough” hoodie is available online! However, having one delivered to your doorstep will take extra time and “Kenergy.”

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Here’s where to buy an “I Am Kenough” hoodie.

Since the Barbie The Movie premiere, Mattel released the “I Am Kenough” hoodie on its website. The famed manufacturer created a replica of Ryan’s character’s sweatshirt in sizes S-3X. The unisex hoodie is also reasonably priced at $60 and is available for “final sale.”

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Unfortunately, the hoodie sold out within days of Barbie’s premiere. Nonetheless, fans can sign up to pre-order the item with enough patience. The website said the pre-ordered hoodies would ship “on or before” Sept. 29, 2023.

While the date is months after the Barbie craze has ended, those who buy it will have the colorful hoodie in their closets just in time for Fall! However, if waiting several months for a hoodie doesn’t seem worth it, Mattel has multiple “I Am Kenough” hoodies in stock. Sadly, the ones available as of this writing aren’t as colorful as Ken’s.


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