"Take Your Kids to the Dentist So They Don't End Up Like Me" — Woman Needs All Her Teeth Pulled

A woman needs to get all of her teeth pulled and talks about the importance of dental hygiene for kids in a video. We break it down inside.

Allison Hunt - Author

Oct. 31 2023, Published 10:58 p.m. ET

We aren't sure why, but brushing our teeth as a kid was always such a task. Our parents would tell us to go brush our teeth before bed, and we would always fight, kick, and scream until we finally did it. Obviously as adults, we don't even think twice about brushing our teeth, but as kids it was just the worst.

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We now feel grateful to our parents for making us brush our teeth and for taking us to the dentist, because as wild as it might sound, not everyone grew up with that opportunity.

A woman on TikTok highlighted the importance of dental hygiene for kids in a video. We break it down below.

A woman needs to get all of her teeth pulled and wants kids and parents to take notice.

The TikTok posted by @complainbagel has 2.1 million views, with 161.6 thousand likes, and 4,709 comments. In the video that takes place in the woman's car, she talks about the importance of dental hygiene for kids.

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The woman opens the video by stating very emotionally, "If you're a parent. Please take your f------ kids to the dentist so that they don't end up like me."

She explains that her parents never took her to the dentist as a kid, and now she has to get almost every single one of her teeth pulled. And the cost for this is insane.

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Just to have the top teeth fixed, it cost $21,315. There was a cheaper option, but it still would have cost her $11,836. The woman explains that she doesn't make a lot of money and doesn't know how she is going to pay for the procedure.

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The video wasn't posted as a pity party, but rather to implore people to "teach their kids proper dental hygiene," and to "take them to the dentist" because the OP never had that growing up.

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A person had the audacity to comment, "My parents never took me to the dentist either but I brushed my teeth daily and my teeth are fine even though I'm poor." The OP actually filmed a video response.

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In the video response the OP takes responsibility saying that she "can't blame my parents for everything obviously. I am an adult. I am responsible for my own health."

The woman reiterates that her "point is just to normalize taking your kids to the dentist. I never went to the dentist once that I can remember anyway. And so growing up for me, going to the dentist was not normal."

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The woman posted an update video, stating that she got a second opinion and the price was going to be about the same. She doesn't have health insurance because she has a new job and has to work there for a year to qualify. She also got denied for a loan.

One commenter hit the nail on the head when she said, "Our dental health shouldn’t be a luxury."

Other people were asking for a GoFundMe and while the woman felt "guilty," she did make one that people can donate to to help her with the procedure.

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