Why Is Everyone Obsessed With the "In 2022 I Will" TikTok Trend?

2021 is over and now everyone’s focused on what’s to come in 2022. Here's what you should know about the popular "In 2022 I Will" TikTok filter trend.

Stephanie Harper - Author

Jan. 6 2022, Published 12:24 p.m. ET

Now that 2021 is over, everyone’s focused on what’s to come in 2022. TikTokers everywhere are hopping on the bandwagon to participate in the coolest and most enjoyable trends that are quickly taking over in the new year.

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Fortunately for everyone, dangerous trends like the "Crate Challenge" and the "Slap a Teacher" challenge are things of the past, never to be revived again (hopefully). And there’s a particularly sweet new trend called “In 2022 I Will" to try out if you’re on TikTok. Here’s what you should know about it.

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Why is everyone so obsessed with the “In 2022 I Will" filter trend on TikTok?

Total obsession over the “In 2022 I Will" filter on TikTok makes so much sense because people love having an idea about what’s to come in the future. This filter isn’t meant to be taken too seriously though since a lot of the words that might pop up on your screen with it are totally playful. When you use the filter for this trend, a rectangular message bubble will pop up over your head. It'll appear super similar to an incoming iPhone text message.

Some of the results you might end up with are “getting a dog," "finding true love," “becoming famous," or “getting 100,000 followers.” Although this filter simply exists to be silly and fun, it’s still extremely funny to see what your results for 2022 might be. Fans of astrology will certainly get a rise out of this one!

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Anyone who is intrigued by tarot card readings, palm readings, and daily horoscopes will probably also be interested in this TikTok trend as it continues growing in popularity. It’s super easy to use this filter because it’s available in your effects gallery on the app. If you don’t want to bother with the effects gallery on TikTok, you can click on the discover icon and type the words “In 2022 I Will.” From there you’ll immediately see the filter pop up on the top row for you to grab.

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Have any celebrities been part of the “In 2022 I Will" filter trend so far?

It appears Lili Reinhart is one celebrity who’s taken part in this hilarious trend on TikTok already. The Riverdale actress's results say that in 2022 she'll “be hungry.” She jokingly added a caption saying “Sounds about right" with a few appetizing food emojis.

Charli D’Amelio‘s results say that in 2022 she’ll “become famous." The filter might be a little bit behind for Charli, who’s already extremely popular on TikTok with over 132.8 million followers.

Lizzo also hopped in on the challenge with her results saying that in 2022 she’ll “become rich." The filter might not realize that according to Celebrity Net Worth, Lizzo is already rich with a net worth of $12 million!

Now that a bunch of celebrities are using this filter for their followers to see, it’s spreading like wildfire faster than before. And best of all, this sweet TikTok trend is super easy to participate in and can help your chances of going viral.

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