Instagram Influencer Threatens Nurse Because COVID-19 Test Made Him Cry in Pain

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Dec. 18 2020, Updated 9:05 a.m. ET

Source: Twitter

It's no secret that one of the more effective COVID-19 tests, which involves a swab going waaaaay up into your nose, mummy brain-spelunking style, is not a very pleasant experience. I've been tested multiple times and it never gets any easier. I beg whoever's administering the test to go gently each and every time and no matter what, I just can't get used to it.

So watching this social media influencer wince in pain after a nurse administers a test to him has my own nose hurting.

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It's not the fact that he was tearing up and hurting from the test that's got so many people up in arms, however, it's how his ire then carried over to the nurse who performed the test that's got so many people upset. Malaysian Instagram Influencer Syed Syafiq filmed himself getting a COVID-19 test and then proceeded to chew out the nurse when the experience ended up proving extremely painful.

Many of his followers online were shocked to see the way he spoke to the healthcare worker, stating that he was being disrespectful, rude, and spiteful. On his story he captioned a photo of him crying after the test, calling the nurse a "b***h" and even threatened to sue the woman, writing, "see you in court b***h." In his story.

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In the video, he records himself accosting the nurse and lambasting her for the way she conducted the test. Several social media users commented on how "disgusted" they were after viewing his behavior. Others chimed in by saying that it's not the nurse's fault he had the reaction that he did and she was only conducting the test the appropriate way.

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To make matters worse, he had "tattled" on the nurse to her superiors, and argued his point in front of management while recording the entire thing. He littered the video with disparaging remarks, the whole time, referring to the nurse as "b***h."

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It didn't take long for comparisons to be drawn to other public figures, who experienced a similar amount of pain but didn't threaten a lawsuit for the discomfort he experienced while taking the COVID-19 test.

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It wasn't a good look for Syed and, in a move that have have be spurred by all of the individuals calling him out on social media, he officially apologized to the nurses for his "disrespect." 

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Others perceived his response to the COVID-19 test as a tad bit hypocritical, as he recorded his decision to get plastic surgery and the process of dealing with the prep and aftermath of the procedure. Some mentioned that not complaining about the painful recovery process of his cosmetic surgery is baffling based on the way he had handled his interaction with the nurse who carried out his coronavirus screening.

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Others were just appalled that he recorded the nurse seemingly without consent, and thought that the fact his phone was on during the procedure was "rude." Several people who saw the video called him a "bully" for his behavior.

And then there were some folks who posted stark reminders as to what the grim realities are for COVID-19 patients. As bad as a swab up the nose feels, there are certainly some fates worse than that. Like fighting for your life in a hospital. The current number of COVID-19 cases in the United States is at 17 million, with some 308,000 fatalities attributed to the virus nationwide. 6% of those who died from COVID had no pre-existing conditions, i.e. 18,480 people.

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