Woman's Health Insurance Agent Exposes Therapy Office for Potential Fraud

A woman contacts her insurance agent over a strange charge to her card from a therapy office. The agent may have exposed them for fraud.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Jul. 13 2023, Published 2:18 p.m. ET

In the U.S., health insurance is a mixed bag. For many throughout the country, having affordable and effective access to healthcare can be next to impossible, which isn't exactly something you want to hear when you're trying to find help for your physical and mental health.

It's not often a health insurance agency pulls out all the stops to help you out, but these agents seem to have done just that for a woman having a dispute with her therapy office.

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In late June 2023, user @hotchipbich on TikTok posted about her baffling experience of being wildly overcharged for a therapy office that she reportedly doesn't even go to anymore.

Upon contacting a health insurance agent over the charge, she may have inadvertently exposed them for fraud. If that weren't shocking enough, the woman apparently isn't alone in this situation. Here's what the woman's health insurance agent found out and what she plans to do about it.

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A woman's health insurance agent exposes a therapy office for potential fraud.

OP shared her experience in two lengthy TikToks. In her first video, she claims that she was charged a staggering $452 for an office that she no longer visits. Understandably, she contacts the office, who tells her that there was an issue with her insurance.

Already, OP's experience with the health insurance agent seems to help immensely. The agent she spoke to said that they were going to "send over everything [the office] needs for a refund for the $452."

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A week later, OP contacts the office again, who claim that they haven't received anything. They advised her to contact her health insurance company again.

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A new agent decided to call the office "personally" to clear up the confusion, but the therapy office in question was apparently "rude" and "wouldn't explain any of the billing."

Digging deeper, the health insurance agent informed OP that she was actually overpaid for every single visit and that none of the charges listed under the insurance make any sense.

OP then tried to dispute these charges with her therapy office, but they weren't able to provide any information "that makes any g------ sense."

She then demanded an itemized list of each charge for her incredibly helpful health insurance company so that they can investigate the therapy office for fraud.

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In a follow-up, OP goes so far as to reveal which healthcare provider she was having trouble with. Reportedly, the issue was with LifeStance Health, and folks in the comments even claim to have had the exact same issue with the same provider.

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Interestingly, LifeStance hasn't been much help either. The itemized bill she asked for didn't come in a timely manner. Even when it was finally posted without much fuss, OP worried that the contents could have been altered to paint the provider in a more favorable light.

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As of this writing, OP revealed that she might seek an attorney to pursue legal action against LifeStance. If she can get enough people on her side, she may even consider making this into a class-action lawsuit. According to her research, LifeStance has already faced two such lawsuits in the past.

What began as a charge dispute on OP's card may have evolved into full-blown legal action thanks to the diligence of the health insurance agents that she spoke to throughout the whole ordeal.

Oh and by the way, she got her $452 back eventually.

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