Tenant Returns to Apartment Complex to Find Stairs Collapsed, Some Units Impossible to Enter

A tenant documents a stairs repair at an apartment complex that leaves neighbors unable to enter their units for days! Details ahead.

Melissa Willets - Author

Jul. 13 2023, Published 1:23 p.m. ET

A creator on TikTok who shares content using the handle @ainhere4that has documented a stairs repair on his Florida apartment complex that literally leaves neighbors without access to their units for days.

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The seemingly lawsuit-worthy botch job will leave your jaw on the ground, but also, perhaps much like the TikTok creator, you'll be able to find some humor in the shocking situation. Details ahead.

A stairs repair seemingly stopped at a very inopportune time over bad weather.

When the TikTok creator arrived home from work around 8 p.m., he was stunned to see that a stairs repair had ended mid-job, leaving some unlucky neighbors with no access to their upstairs units.

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The creator then pans across the breezeway to show that units across the way were also affected.

He reported that a repair was underway when it started raining — and so apparently, the work just stopped for the day.

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Soon, the creator shared an update about the situation, sharing that the upstairs tenants were "still stuck."

So, um, exactly how long was this repair going to take?

Tenants have to get creative to enter their apartment units on the second floor.

It appeared that by the next morning, the defunct stairs had not been repaired.

And then, unthinkably, a day later the creator shared that the only update so far was that someone put caution tape around the area being reconstructed, which the creator called "not safe."

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Meanwhile, there was also caution tape on an upstairs door that had seemingly been accessed using a ladder.

In the comments section, people urged the creator not to pay rent. Others snickered that he should "get hurt" and sue.

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The final update as of this writing shows someone entering one of the upstairs unit using a ladder, with no stairs yet having been reconstructed.

But as someone had commented on the original TikTok, "Imagine you forget and walk out the door."

More worriers flooded the comments, with some people wondering what you do if you have a dog.

And, dozens of commenters encouraged the creator to file a lawsuit, or, at the very least, insist on having a hotel room be paid for by the complex.

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"The lawyer in me just sees dollar signs," one commenter noted, while someone else insisted, "I'm falling the first chance I get."

But as others said, even without an accidental slip, this situation was most certainly a sign that the property had been neglected, and must qualify as a safety code violation.

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As of this writing, we don't know what the complex has done to satisfy tenants' concerns, but we are kind of upset! As many commenters fretted, what if a fire were to break out? We're shuddering just thinking about this!

And, if a fire wasn't a big enough concern, imagine being disabled!

The whole thing is a mess, and we wish the tenants at this Florida apartment complex luck in resolving the upsetting situation. Keep us posted, @ainhere4that.

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