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'Hawaii Five-0' Fans, Beware: Adam Might be Leaving the Team of Investigators


In a recent episode of Hawaii Five-0, we watched Task Force Investigator Adam Noshimuri (Ian Anthony Dale) take matters into his own hands and launch a private investigation into the mysterious kidnapping of his love interest, Tamiko Masuda (Brittany Ishibashi). 

The task at hand required sacrifices of unprecedented scale, and soon enough, the investigator was confronted with the decision of either choosing his job or saving his relationship. 

What will happen next? Is Adam leaving Hawaii Five-0

So, is Adam leaving Hawaii Five-0

As Ian Anthony Dale explained in a recent interview with TV Line, Adam is currently facing the toughest decision of his life. Consumed by fears about the safety and well-being of Tamiko, the investigator finds himself in the company of prominent Yakuza members one more time.