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Source: CBS

Here's Why Scott Caan Misses a Handful of 'Hawaii Five-0' Episodes Every Season


A few Hawaii Five-0 fans had mini freak-outs on Oct. 11 when Scott Caan’s character, Danny "Danno" Williams, failed to appear in Episode 3. Thankfully, there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for his absence. 

What happened to Danno on Hawaii Five-0?

We are happy to report that both Danno and Scott Caan are fine (more on that later), but the same can’t be said for Quinn Liu (Katrina Law). Right after Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) offered her a job with the Five-0, she was arrested by military police. 

McGarrett suspects that Wes Cullen’s (Rob Morrow) to blame for putting Quinn in handcuffs after the two tailed him. They believe the criminal may have been behind the bomb found inside McGarrett’s garage.