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Jul. 30 2021, Published 7:45 p.m. ET

The world may never stop being interested in what Amanda Knox is doing today. Back in 2007, both Amanda, now 34, and her boyfriend at the time, Raffaele Sollecito, were charged and found guilty of the murder of Amanda's roommate, Meredith Kercher.

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Amanda was sentenced to 28 years, but she was released after serving only four when her case was acquitted and went back to her native city of Seattle, Wash.

Flash forward to today and people are still curious about Amanda's personal life. For instance, is she married?

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Is Amanda Knox married?

Amanda Knox is quite public when it comes to her work in activism, as well as when it comes to the adventures she takes with her husband, Christopher Robinson. After breaking up with Raffaele, she finished her undergraduate studies at the University of Washington with a degree in creative writing.

It was through writing a column for West Seattle Herald that the newly graduated Amanda met Christopher (she was briefly engaged to middle school friend Colin Sutherland before meeting Christopher, but that came and went). Christopher had co-authored a novel, War of the Encyclopaedists, that she had reviewed for the paper, and the two hit it off immediately.

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The happy couple now lives together in Seattle, and in November of 2018, Christopher popped the question in an insanely elaborate space-themed proposal, asking, "Will you stay with me until the last star in the last galaxy burns out and even after that?" She obviously said yes. Here's a video of the totally over-the-top proposal:

Source: YouTube
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However, the bride-to-be was in no rush to tie the knot.

Though Amanda and Christopher have been together for years now and foresee a long life together, they wanted Amanda's sister Deanna — who put her life on hold during Amanda's legal situation — to have her day in the spotlight as a bride. 

Source: Instagram
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"I very much love Chris and feel like he is my partner," Amanda said to People. "He would be a wonderful dad and we talk about it all the time. So I look forward to that part of my life that I had always taken for granted growing up and then had to let go of in prison."

Eventually, Amanda and Christopher did tie the knot. They were married in February of 2020. In July of 2021, Amanda shared a glimpse into her and Christopher's struggles with fertility in an episode of her podcast, Labyrinths. In the first episode of a five-part series, Amanda revealed that she had become pregnant and then, tragically, suffered a miscarriage.

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"I did feel incredibly disappointed that that was the story of my first-ever pregnancy," she said. "I thought, like, I knew exactly what I want to do with my first pregnancy, and to have it not come to fruition not through choice felt like a betrayal." Christopher — who hosts the podcast with his wife — says that he feels "more determined" to try for another pregnancy with Amanda.

Where is Amanda's ex, Raffaele Sollecito, today?

Amanda and the man she was dating in Italy at the time of the scandal, Raffaele Sollecito, have gone their separate ways.

Having been originally sentenced to 25 years in prison — three fewer than his co-defendant — Raffaele was released at the same time as Amanda and has been living in Italy since. He co-wrote a book in 2013 called Honor Bound: My Journey to Hell and Back with Amanda Knox.

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He also became involved in an entrepreneurial endeavor to build a social media site for the dead called Memories. The site would allow people to create profiles of their dead loved ones and order flowers to be delivered to their gravesites.

These days, it seems like he's enjoying life, concerts, and the summer in Italy with friends. Follow him on Instagram at @raffasolaries.

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Rude Guede
Source: Getty Images

Where is Rudy Guede, the man who killed Amanda Knox's roommate?

While Meredith's death is often associated with Amanda's name, it was actually Rudy Guede who was behind the killing. Amanda has been trying for years to rebuild her image even though Guede was convicted in 2008 and sentenced to 16 years.

In addition to receiving a shorter sentence than Amanda had, Guede was released from prison in 2020 and expected to finish the rest of his sentence doing community service.

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"I do know that many, many, many people have suffered a great deal because of what he did and I continue to stay to be shocked that he is the forgotten killer," Amanda said in an interview at the time, according to ABC. "The one who was quietly tucked away, convicted of a lesser crime and does not have to live with the burden of being forever associated with Meredith's death ... The only reason you know I exist is because [of] what he did, and that is a grave injustice."

What is Amanda Knox's net worth?

Considering her best-selling memoir, two documentaries (one of which was a successful Netflix-produced hit), and her hosting gigs, it seems like Amanda has picked herself back up since her days behind bars.

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In 2018, she was the host of The Scarlet Letter Reports, which covers the public shaming of women by the media and how they manage to rebuild their lives after. She also hosts a Sundance Now show called The Truth About True Crime with Amanda Knox, where she explores shocking crimes beyond their sensational headlines.

According to Celebs Net Worth Today, Amanda Knox is worth more than $3.5 million for the myriad of ways she was able to rebuild her life from nothing following the 2007 Italy ordeal.

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