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Source: HBO

Wait, Did Arya Stark Fulfill the Prophecy of Azor Ahai in 'Game of Thrones?'


(Spoiler Alert!) It was the battle Game of Thrones viewers have been waiting for, and the series did not disappoint. With the action spanning a full 80 minutes at Winterfell, fans watched as our beloved characters fought for their lives against the Night King and his army of White Walkers.  

Many of our main characters were struggling to survive as the army of the dead was relentless, and as the slaughter continued — and all hope was seemingly lost — Arya Stark comes in and saves the day. Yes, she stabbed the Night King; therefore, killing him meant all of his followers fell. So, with the Arya being the big hero in the story, many are wondering if she is the prince that was promised?