Fans Think They've Spotted Black Widow in This 'Loki' Scene

Sara Belcher - Author

Apr. 5 2021, Updated 7:06 p.m. ET

Source: Disney Plus

There have been several teasers for the latest Marvel series.

Loki, which follows Thor's anti-hero brother, is set to premiere on Disney Plus on June 11. The first couple of trailers for the show have already dropped, and fans think they've found an important Easter Egg. Is Black Widow going to be in Loki?

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Is Black Widow in 'Loki'?

Both Black Widow and Loki have individual installments coming out this summer, with the new Black Widow movie dropping July 9 and Loki streaming its first episode on June 11.

With release dates so close together, some have wondered if there will be any crossover between the two heroes' timelines. This theory was only further expanded on when the newest trailer for Loki dropped unexpectedly.

is black widow in loki
Source: Disney Plus
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While watching the trailer, many fans paused to screenshot a scene showing Loki and another woman looking away from the camera. Many are hoping this mystery woman is Natasha Romanoff (played by Scarlett Johannson), confirming her return to the Marvel universe.

The speculation is that this scene takes place in Vormir, which is where Black Widow died so the Soul Stone could be recovered in Avengers: Endgame.

But is Black Widow going to be in the upcoming series? It's not likely.

While Loki will be on its fifth episode by the time Black Widow comes out, it's very unlikely that the mystery woman pictured in the trailer is Natasha. Many fans have already deduced that the hair looks very similar to Sophia Di Martino's and unlike the wig Scarlett wears to play the superhero spy.

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Scarlett is also not currently listed on the cast list for Loki, while Sophia is confirmed for six episodes. She doesn't currently have a role listed on the official IMDb page, but many assume she was cast in the role of Lady Loki.

Since the series has yet to release, it's still possible Natasha could make an appearance in the show, though it's not something fans should get their hopes up for.

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Who is Lady Loki?

While it isn't confirmed yet that Sophia has been cast as Lady Loki, stills pulled from the trailers suggest as much. In these trailers, Sophia is dressed in a costume that is very similar to the one Tom Hiddleston wears.

In the comics and novels that precede the cinematic universe, Loki is a known shape-shifter and has taken on the form of a woman. Originally, this female body was meant for Lady Sif, though she remained as Lady Loki.

How would Lady Loki and Loki be able to appear in the same shot together? This is entirely possible, especially considering that the show is likely to begin Marvel's delve into the multiverse, which brings the possibility of multiple dimensions being played out on-screen. 

Sophia is blonde, which goes against Lady Loki's canon black hair, so it's also possible she will represent another character entirely. Until we get closer to the Loki premiere date, we won't know.

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