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Source: Instagram

'Very Cavallari' Star Brittainy Taylor Might Be Expecting a Baby


It's only been a few weeks since Brittainy Taylor announced that she ended things for good with her boyfriend of five years, but it might take her a while to recover fully. 

The Uncommon James manager met Jon Stone in 2015, and by 2017, they were discussing marriage and starting a family. As the teaser of the next episode of Very Cavallari reveals, some of their plans might come to fruition even though they have already broken up. Is Brittainy pregnant? What's next for the Very Cavallari star? 

The next episode of 'Very Cavallari' will revolve around a pregnancy scare.

"I really haven't talked to anybody about this, but I'm all of a sudden really tired, and nauseous, I'm also late on my period," Brittainy says in the teaser for the next episode of Very Cavallari. 

"Honestly, with all the breakup sex, I'm kind of worried. And I think I'm pregnant," she adds shortly after. 

As Brittainy admits, she and her boyfriend, Jon, didn't manage to cut all ties after the breakup.