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Source: NBC

Don't Worry, Fans — 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Is Far From Over


Fans of the hit comedy show Brooklyn Nine-Nine have been waiting patiently for the next season to air, hoping to get the answers to the questions the Season 6 finale left them with. The show has already been through one network change, and viewers are still anxious the plug will be pulled on the show.

But is Brooklyn Nine-Nine ending? Or are there more seasons in the works?

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' was almost canceled.

In March 2018, Brooklyn Nine-Nine's original host, Fox, announced that they would be canceling the show after only five seasons. Fans of the show — including celebrities like Lin-Manuel Miranda and Mark Hamill — were devastated.

But luckily, the show was picked up by another network less than 24 hours later. NBC, who originally owned the rights to Brooklyn Nine-Nine, decided they would save the show for at least one more season, announcing they would pick it up, ensuring fans there would be at least one more season.