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Source: Jordan Strauss/NBC

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Was Just Renewed For An Eighth Season... Yay!


Fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine are seriously psyched to hear that the Golden Globe Award-winning comedy was renewed for an eighth season. However, the news of the hilarious crime show's renewal came long before its seventh season even premiered.

And if you, too, are dying for Brooklyn Nine-Nine to come back for season 7, hang tight, because it's returning incredibly soon.

Where did we leave off with season 6?

Jake and Co. banded together within the NYPD to defeat Commissioner Kelly, when he was using illegal wiretaps to lower New York's crime rate, per TVLine. Jake alerted the Suicide Squad, The Vulture, C.J., and Madeline Wuntch, who planned to frame Kelly.

They planned to make it seem like C.J. was kidnapped — with Amy, Charles, and Jake as the "abductors" and Holt driving the van — but Wuntch doesn't plant the bug once she realizes Kelly is onto them.