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Caroline Giuliani Isn't Afraid To Make Her Voice and Political Views Heard



When Caroline Giuliani wrote an honest essay for Vanity Fair about her father Rudy Giuliani’s political views differing from her own, her voice was heard. 

When she publicly endorsed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for the 2020 presidential election, she went from being the daughter of one of President Trump’s lawyers and former New York City major to being someone other people can look up to for inspiration.

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And now that Caroline has used her voice for informing people of not only how she sees the Trump administration, but how she has always seen her father’s political views, they have questions. 

Some are wondering if she has ever been married, while others have questions about Caroline being gay or not with her affiliation to the LGBTQ+ community.

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But is Caroline Giuliani gay?

Caroline is bisexual and has been plenty open about it. Her Vanity Fair essay mentioned her affiliation to the LGBTQ+ community more than once, which makes sense, given her sexual orientation. 

She also once joked on Twitter about being bisexual and being unsure if she likes both men and women or only half of one of them. 

"I am a filmmaker in the LGBTQ+ community who tells stories about mental health, sexuality, and other stigmatized issues, and my goal is to humanize people and foster empathy," Caroline wrote in Vanity Fair. "So I hope you’ll believe me when I say that another Trump term (a term, itself, that makes me cringe) will irrevocably harm the LGBTQ+ community, among many others."

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Caroline has never been married.

Although it looks like Caroline has never been married, her brother Andrew Giuliani was married in a lavish New York City wedding in 2017. 

Like their father, Andrew works for the Trump administration, in his case as the public liaison assistant to Trump. In September 2020, Andrew shared a New York Post article on Twitter about running for mayor in 2021 and shared his concerns with the current power structure.

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Caroline, on the other hand, has not played a stringent role in politics in an actual office, but instead through her activism. Although Caroline credits her father for encouraging her to be open about her political beliefs, even as a kid, she clearly has different views than both her father and brother.

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Caroline with her dad Rudi Giuliani, her mom Donna, and her brother Andrew in 1993.

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What are Caroline Giuliani's political views?

Caroline has never been shy about sharing her political views and thoughts on social injustices. And in her Vanity Fair essay, she was as transparent as ever. She noted that issues like racial injustices and sexism have "risen to this boiling point" in her. 

In August 2020, she tweeted a photo of herself with Kamala Harris and one of Harris and Biden’s campaign photo and added the hashtags #bidenharris2020 #removetrump.

She also wrote, "While there's some momentum here, a reminder to please donate to help start turning this sh-t around!! It's a matter of life or (many) death(s) at this point."

Caroline's political views seem to have everything to do with changing the state of the country, even if it means going against the grain of her family.

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